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Jun 21, 2018

Rahu and Moon are in cancer (10th house) for a Libra asc. ef

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Edited: Jun 21, 2018





Jun 21, 2018

Out of passion , I was alos learning some basics . I want to know if rahu(anticlock wise) and moon(clockwise) being in the same chandra's house ,from Lagna 10 th house,.are they conflicting each other and nullifying each other's effects .and sun, sat, Ju being in 12 th house ..kanya rasi .. quarelling and nullifying each other's effects . with my little knowledge , i feel , Mars in his own house and that too second from lagna is powerful except (agressive speech that needs to be controlled) right ? Mecury in venus' house ( not so good aspect i guess) but being being in lagna is a good sign of having positive and judicious thinking right ?

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