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Nov 21, 2017



will retrograde planets give the results of the previous house?


Many People including many astrologers are often confusing retrogression too much. Retrogression is just an astronomical event.

Whether planet in retrogression or normal it should be always read based on the house it occupies.

Hope this clears your doubts.

Mar 18, 2018

I am a novice astro hobbyist. I wanted to ask a question related to this post.


My birth details are 16-Sep-1994 3:55 AM, Madhuranthakam, Tamil Nadu.


I am planning to apply for US student visa on March 26th as Jupiter retrogrades from 10th house of Makara rasi. On 26th March, there are sun,mercury and saturn in the 3rd house of makara rasi. To the best of my knowledge, bad results of 12th posited saturn can be nullified if there is any planet in the 3rd house of makara moon sign (except sun). Should I proceed or wait till saturn gets retrograde on April 17th ? Will this retrograde have any effect on my visa approval ?


My current dasha is Rahu dasha Mercury Bhukthi. Rahu in karkataka (watery sign indicating abroad travel) which is also my ascendant. Shall I proceed for Visa Interview on March 26th or wait till April 17th ?


Please advise me on this. Thanks in advance.

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