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Aug 6

Significance of Functional Benefic in Dusthana

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Could you please suggest the prediction of native born on 08-11-1967 particularly Shani 13.5 degrees (Retro) for Tula Lagna (Makara Rashi) when placed in 6th house. Should we read the significance of the planet during Shani Dasha as problematic or positive financial status / gains predicted during this period and if so during which anthar dasha. Thanks in advance.

Aug 6Edited: Aug 6

Dear Ram,

First of all, for Tula Lagna the Saturn is Yogakaraka. So Saturn Mahadasha will be good unless Saturn gets affliction from other malefics. Secondly, while making prediction the retrograde planet should be read as same as that of planets in normal motion. I can give you more clarity if you allow me to analyze the full horoscope by taking professional consulting.


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