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Astrology learning Mentorship plans

You must be enrolled in my online fundamental astrology course to choose any of these plans

Group Learning

Group learning.jpg
  • Best if you intend to learn in a Group

  • Bi-weekly(1&3 week) 1-hour learning session. See the list of topics below

  • Bi-weekly(2&4 week) Q& A sessions

  • Bi-weekly 1 practical assignment and review

  • Guest speaker session

  • Duration - 6 months   

  • Mode of Instruction - English   

  • Next batch enrollment ends on 1st February 2021     

Customized 1-1 Learning

  • Best for a slow pace learners

  • Bi-weekly(1&3 week) 1-hour learning session. See the List of topics below

  • Bi-weekly 1-1 Q&A(with an appointment)

  • Weekly 1 practical assignment/test and review

  • Guest speaker session

  • Duration - 6 months

  • Mode of Instruction - English/Tamil

  • Anytime enrollment

$ 100/Month
$ 150/Month
Committed to learning for 6 months? Buy this plan for 6 months and save 20%
Committed to learning for 6 months? Buy this plan for 6 months and save 20%
Rs.9600 for 6 Months 
$ 480 for 6 Months
Rs.14,400 for 6 Months 
$ 720 for 6 Months
Rs.12000 for 6 Months 
$ 600 for 6 Months
Rs.18000 for 6 Months 
$ 900 for 6 Months

Indian Resident

Foreign Resident

Indian Resident

Foreign Resident

List of topics

  1. Predicting promotion, job change and location change with example horoscope

  2. Prediction of separation after marriage/divorce 

  3. Prediction of timing of childbirth

  4. Choosing field of education from a student horoscope

  5. Choosing best career option from a horoscope

  6. Business Vs job, analysing from a horoscope

  7. Predicting transit results along with Dasha/bukti and Ashtakavarga analysis

  8. Predicting Foreign travel and settlement from a horoscope

  9. Predicting success in stock/shares and other speculative incomes

  10. Birth time rectification - When should we do this? And How?

  11. Understanding Fate, Freewill and astrology. 

  12. Do astrology support Geocentric theory?

  13. The psychology behind astrological remedies.

  14. Predicting health problems and timing of health troubles from a horoscope

  15. Understanding Manglik and other dosha from a horoscope.

  16. Fixing a Muhurtha for an event. Ex: Marriage Muhurtha

  17. How to fix timing for C-section? Do’s and Don’ts

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