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Astrology and Fatalism

Many think that believing in astrology make one believe in fatalism and conclude that it is hindrance to progress. But this is pessimistic call, in my personal experience in this field for 40 years, astrology is other way i.e. astrology helped many individual to take better decision based on their inherent strength. To explain this with an analogy seeking astrologer’s guidance is like taking map with you during your travel which helps to reach the destination quickly with less confusion. One has to understand Karma theory to appreciate this aspect of astrology, I will touch up some portion of karma today, please refer our previous post here to know how Karma theory relates to astrology.

There are three types of Karma viz., Sanchita, Parabdha and Agami. For the present topic of interest we will consider Sanchita & Parabdha and leave Agami for now. Sanchita is stored karma based on our past acts whereas Parabdha is what we do with our present state of existence. Planetary position in the horoscope are simply indicating the karmic results that are stored based on previous karma, one can augment or minimize the past karmic results by Parabdha karma by the aid of will power.

Let me explain with a simple mathematical equation, let us consider person A is bestowed with equation 5X2+10X in one aspect of life. What outcome that person would get based on his equation is purely depend on what he substitutes to X which is complete free will of person A. Thus to conclude astrology is not about fate or destiny, it simply indicates the good or evil effects of previous karma and leaves it to man to build his future.

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