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Creativity in Electronics And Entertainment - Steve Jobs

In my previous post I have talked about creativity in space science with illustration of Einstein horoscope. Today I am going to talk about creativity in Entertainment and Electronics field with the analysis of Steve Jobs horoscope.

About Steve Jobs

Steve jobs was a popular entrepreneur, inventor who was the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. His creativity revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing. He develop a line of products that would have larger cultural ramifications: the iMac, iTunes, Apple Stores, the iPod, the iTunes Store, the iPhone, the App Store, and the iPad. For the present topic of interest I am going to analyze the planetary combination that represents creativity in Steve Jobs horoscope and I would recommend to go through this link to know more about Steve Jobs.

Steve jobs Horoscope Analysis

Birth details : Born on 24th February 1955, 7.15 PM(LMT), San Francisco, USA

Planets and house concerning creativity in Steve Jobs horoscope,

10th house - Representing Career, profession. Its lord Venus who happens to be natural planet for creativity occupies 5th house(House representing Creativity).

5th house - Representing creativity, Its lord Jupiter occupies 11th house and aspecting 5th house

9th house - Also represents creativity and deep understanding of concepts. Its lord Mars occupying own house and powerfully aspected by exalted Saturn.

Why Steve Jobs is so creative

First, Venus the planet for creativity occupying 5th house (house representing creativity)gets Vargottama and powerfully aspected by exalted Saturn. Secondly 5th lord Jupiter is well placed in 11th house aspecting 5th house also gets Vargottama. Thirdly 9th lord Mars is in own house powerfully aspected by exalted saturn. Lastly from chandra lagna 5th house is aspected by 9th lord Mars from its own house and powerfully aspected by exalted saturn in addition to Mercury aspection from the 11th house.

Why Steve Jobs created lovely gadgets

Venus is artistic planet, Venus being 10th lord occupying 5th house powerfully aspected by Jupiter and Saturn made Steve Jobs to very artistic in nature. Venus conjunction with Rahu in 5th house made him to create breakthrough electronic items. Venus rules Entertainment field, strong Venus in Jobs horoscope is the indication for his involvement in Pixar animation studio and producing several animation movies. Wonder why most of his gadgets are used for communication? Here is the combination, third house rules communication. Third lord Venus is very strong and third house is occupied by exalted Saturn. Also from Chandra lagna third lord Venus occupies 10th house with powerful aspect from Saturn and Jupiter. Mark the deposition of Mercury(Planet for communication) in the 11th house from Chandra Lagna.

Important Events

Schooling : Though 4th lord Mars is well placed, Mercury occupying 6th house with Papakartari Yoga (When a planet or house is hemmed between two malefics, more details here). During Mercury dasa Jobs was suspended from school few times and he had tough time adopting to traditional classroom studies.

Pre-apple : During Ketu dasa(1976-1983) Jobs had tough time maintaining his relationship and he traveled India in the search of meaning. He lived simple life during this period and become practitioner of Zen Buddhism.

Apple Period : Venus dasa(1983-2003) was most precious period for Jobs. Most of his creativity came out during this period. At Apple's annual shareholders meeting on January 24, 1984, an emotional Jobs introduced the Macintosh to a wildly enthusiastic audience. Sun being natural enemy for Venus, during Sun sub period he was asked to quit Apple and started NeXT Inc. During his Saturn sub period Apple announced to buy NeXT and he again became CEO for Apple.

Last part of life : During Sun dasa(2003-2009) jobs had severe health issue. In 2003 he was diagnosed with Cancer. Mark the powerful aspection of Cancer sign by top rated malefic planets Mars and Saturn(Mars and Saturn are natural Roha Karaha and Roha Bhavathipathi respectively) and the lord of Cancer moon placed in 8th house with Papakartari Yoga gives the clue for this life threatening disease. Sun being ascendant lord aspecting ascendant made him to go through liver transplant successfully. However during Moon dasa(2009-2019) his journey came to end because of Moon occupying 8th house and severely afflicted by Papakartari Yoga


To summarize, Venus powerfully placed in 5th house and 5th lord well placed in 11th house aspecting 5th house. 9th lord Mars occupying own house and powerfully aspected by exalted Saturn. In addition to this Powerful Gajakesari Yoga, Amala Yoga (Venus occupying 10th from the moon) and partial Lagnadhi Yoga made him famous artistic creator. Will talk about creativity in one of the other field in my next post. Feel free post your comments.

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