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Creativity in Electricals - Nikola Tesla

I hope you all enjoyed reading my last post on Creativity in entertainment and electronics field with the illustration of Steve Jobs horoscope. Today I am going talk about creativity in Electrical engineering field with analysis of Nikola Tesla’s horoscope.

About Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is a popular inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist and futurist. His contribution to Alternate Current(AC) was phenomenal. Tesla is the one who first invented the possibility of wireless communication with his devices. For the present topic of interest I am going to analyze the planetary combination that represents creativity in Tesla horoscope and I would recommend to go through this link to know more about Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla Horoscope Analysis

Birth details : Born on 10th July 1856, 12 Midnight, Smiljan, Austrian Empire

Planets and house concerning creativity in Tesla horoscope,

10th house - Representing Career and Profession, Its lord Jupiter occupies own house. From Chandra Lagna 10th house is occupied by Venus, Sun, Mercury and Saturn, Venus(Natural planet for creativity) being 9th lord from chandra lagna occupying 10th house is unique combination for creativity.

5th house - Representing creativity, its lords Venus who happens to be natural planet for creativity occupies Lagna and 10th from Chandra Lagna.

9th house - Also represents creativity and deep understanding of concepts. Its lord Saturn is well placed in Lagna conjunction with Venus, Sun, Mercury. From Chandra Lagna 9th lord Venus occupies 10th house with same combination above.

Why Tesla revolutionized Electrical Engineering field?

Mars is the most prominent planet for engineering. Mars in association or strong aspection with Moon give rise to combination for an electrical engineer which I have noted in my first post on Creativity and astrology. In Tesla’s horoscope, 4th house is occupied by Moon and Mars creating powerful Chandra mangala Yoga in addition to Gajakesari Yoga because of Jupiter being Kendra from Moon. This powerful Raja Yoga influencing 10th house and 9th lord Saturn powerfully aspecting 10th house were the primary reason for Tesla extraordinary contribution to the Electrical Engineering field. To know more about Tesla and his inventions follow this wonderful summary.

Why Tesla made more than 300 Patents?

Venus, the most prominent planet for creativity occupies first house with Mercury(Planet represents intelligence and imagination, Refer my very first article on creativity for more details) in its own house with 9th lord Saturn and 3rd lord Sun. From chandra lagna the same benefic combination formed in the 10th house, especially Sun in the 10th house from chandra lagna and Mars aspecting 10th house from Lagna created lot of drive to achieve.

Important Events

Early years : 4th house(Rules education) has both powerful Chandra mangala Yoga and Gajakesari Yoga and Mars dasa bhukti was running from Age 2 to 7 years hence tesla was out performing starting from early school,. In 1875 during Rahu dasa bhukti Tesla enrolled at Austrian Polytechnic in Graz, Austria, on a Military Frontier scholarship. During his first year, Tesla never missed a lecture, earned the highest grades possible, passed nine exams (nearly twice as many as required). Rahu in 10th house aspecting 4th house with two Raja yogas made him most hard working and outstanding student.

Middle Years and Working with Edison: Jupiter being 10th lord(10th house represents profession) and 7th lord(7th house represents foreign travel) with Rahu(also implies overseas travel) with powerful Raja yoga. During Jupiter dasa in 1884 Tesla emigrated to New York City in the United States and started working for Thomas Edison. Later due to bitter experience(Mark Jupiter & Moon being associated/aspected by Rahu, Ketu, 8th lord Saturn and 6th lord Mars all are malefics) with Edison, Tesla stepped out of Edison Machine Works and started his own company Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing.

Major Inventions: Jupiter is the planet for wisdom, Jupiter occupying 10th house with other strong combination made him selfless scientist who always wanted his inventions to serve the world rather than making money out of it. Refer this writing for more details on this. Saturn being 9th lord in conjunction with Venus(Planet for creativity) in Lagna and 10th from Moon made him to realize many of his ideas during Jupiter and Saturn Maha dasa. All his major inventions like Alternate Current(1888), Radio(1898), Wireless communication(1903), X-Ray in 1894(Ketu is the planet that represents multiple form, Mark the position of Ketu in 4th house aspecting 10th house was the primary reason for inventing X ray) are happened during Jupiter and Saturn Maha dasa.


To summarize, Venus powerfully placed in Lagna with Saturn, Mercury & Sun and this wonderful combination created 10th from Chandra lagna is very special. Mars Conjunction with Moon is the best combination for electrical engineering. In addition to this Jupiter in 10th house with Powerful Gajakesari Yoga, Chandra mangala Yoga, Amala Yoga (Venus occupying 10th from the moon and Jupiter occupying 10th from Lagna) made him phenomenal contributor to Electrical engineering field. Will talk about creativity in one of the other field in my next post. Feel free post your comments.

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