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Do you need a perfect life partner? Read this to understand the astrological process of perfect matc

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Marriage is the most auspicious and important innings in Man’s life. The overall success of an individual depends on how happy he leads his family life irrespective of status and earning.

Being in love with someone who is so special makes every morning worth getting up for

The astrological guidance can also help to foresee difficult times and develop a mitigation plan to face those challenges. Let me talk about the factors that can be foreseen before marriage to choose a perfect life partner.

Compatibility with your partner

The life partner is not just a friend but more than that. The compatibility should be so natural that they not only be sharing commonality but should also be appreciating the difference.

The best couples are not one those have the most commonality but those who understand and appreciate their difference.

Ancient seers brilliantly had developed 12 factors to find the compatibility between couples. They are as follows,

  1. Dina

  2. Gana(temperament and character)

  3. Mahendra(Longevity & progeny)

  4. Stree deergha

  5. Yoni(sexual compatibility)

  6. Rasi(love and affection)

  7. Rasi adhipathi(psychological matching)

  8. Vasya(physical attraction)

  9. Rajju(longevity of marriage)

  10. Vedha(Hardship)

  11. Varna(spiritual & ego)

  12. Nadi(Health & hereditary)

Each of these factors decides the physical and mental compatibility between the couples. Having said that many novice astrologers consider only these 12 factors neglecting other important factors like the overall strength of the horoscope, malefic dasha overlap, dasha bukti.

Quality of family life

The quality of family life is important for a successful and fulfilled life. The physical well being, emotional well being, material success, and social interaction are few aspects that decide the overall quality of family life. The interesting fact is that the birth chart can reveal all the above aspects. When a life partner can improve your physical and emotional well being every day you would never stop loving them.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person – Mignon McLaughlin

Astrologically the 2nd house represents harmony in family life and financial success. The Moon is the karaka for the mind and thus it represents emotional well being. The strong and well placed 4th lord would indicate social bonding and happiness.


A child’s little feet would make the biggest footprint on mothers heart. A child is a god’s greatest gift, any bitterness in the relationship between couples will be countered by the arrival of a child. Astrology is a wonderful tool to find the possibility of the birth of the child with the highest accuracy including the possible day of childbirth and its Moon sign. Technically, 5th house in the birth chart will give a clue for childbirth and happiness from children. The Bheeja(sperm) in the male horoscope and Khestra(ovum) in female horoscope would indicate the Progeny.

Financial growth after marriage

It is important to have progressive financial growth after marriage, even best understanding couple would face hardship if they can't enjoy the material success together.

Money can't buy all things in the world, but it can buy the most valuable thing called freedom. The freedom is very important to spend quality time with your loved ones

In astrology, the 2nd house rules wealth and 11th house rules gains. The planet Venus rules materialistic pleasure. A well placed 2nd lord, 11th lord and Venus in both the couples horoscope would give the progressive financial growth post marriage and they will be able to enjoy the materialistic comforts together.

Separation and divorce(if any)

Everyone wish to stay together when they enter into a married relationship, but when they unable to find peace and harmony from the life partner they decide to separate. An astrologer can easily find if there are chances for separation well in advance through the birth chart, thus someone can easily reject those marriage proposals. Astrologically, 7th house represents marriage. Any connection of 7th house lord with the 6th lord(6th house is the 12th house from 7th house), 2nd lord (rules family life), 12th house(indicates separation) would indicate permanent separation after marriage.


I hope you got a glimpse of how astrological guidance can help to take a wise decision during the marriage. It is not hard to take a good decision when you get empowering advice. So don’t hesitate to reach out to your astrologer for noble guidance.

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