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Have doubt about your birth time? Here is the process of birth time rectification in Vedic astrology

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The birth time is pivotal in casting the horoscope of the native. A wrong birth time can potentially give an opportunity to predict wrong events by an astrologer. The birth time rectification is a very important step that should be done by a skilled astrologer when the birth time of native is not accurately known. This was very much required in olden days when most of the birth happens at home without any clock to note down the time of birth. At least in the last 30–40 years most of the birth is happening at the hospitals where birth time is noted by a doctor or nurse. This is very essential when the ascendant sign in the horoscope is at the verge.

When birth time rectification is required?

The birth time rectification is not required for every horoscope. Before going to birth time rectification, we should understand the real reason for mismatch in the prediction. Many people don’t understand the fundamentals of astrology, and it unfortunate to see most people go for birth time rectification without a strong reason. It is more disgusting to see many newbie astrologers recommend birth time rectification for every horoscope in order to match the life events.

The most fundamental misconception about astrology is that it dictates each and every event of life. As I always say, the horoscope is just a blueprint. At the times the life events can be a little different due to several factors like Karma, exercising consciousness, etc.

When you don’t know about exact time of birth, we should first consider best known birth time and calculate Lagna for that. If the Lagna falls between 4 degree to 26 degree then no need for birth time rectification, because adding/subtracting 6 minutes would give same Lagna.

The process of birth time rectification

There are two step process in finding the right birth time

1) Birth time verification

2) Birth time rectification

In first step, when doing birth time verification if it is fails for certain rules then we can conclude birth time is not correct and we will need to proceed for birth time rectification. Generally birth time rectification should be done within plus/minus 6 minutes, beyond this it won’t be accurate enough.

I am discuss the most popular method that is used in birth time rectification. An astrologer would follow any one/all of the following rule to arrive at correct birth time,

  1. Multiply the time of birth in vighatis by 4 and divide the product by 9. The reminder must give the ruling constellation when counted from Aswini, Makha or Moola

  2. Multiply the number of ghatis from birth by 6 and add the longitude of the Sun. Divide the sum by 30. The quotient plus 1 counted from Sun’s sign will give the rising sign or Lagna

  3. Divide the birth ghatis by 225 and find the reminder. Based on the reminder confirm the birth is male or female child


The birth time rectification is an important step to find the correct time of birth. The rectification should be done only when the birth time is not known or when the birth happens at sandhi. Since the calculation is laborious process, the birth time rectification should be done by a skilled astrologer.

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