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Are you tired of astrological remedies? A foolproof method to overcome defects in your horoscope

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

There is no perfect horoscope in this world and every horoscope has some demerits. In modern day, all the astrological consulting comes with a bunch of remedies to overcome the demerits. But overdoing remedies is not going to take you anywhere near the success. I am not an objector of astrological remedies but I am always inclined to get a long term solution to a problem.

Psychology behind remedies

In my personal opinion, all the remedies including Gemstones and rituals are aimed at improving the consciousness. Let me tell you how those rituals work at a psychological level.

Whenever you encounter deep trouble in life, your conscious mind will fail to think rationally. Even if the solution to the problem is in front of you, you may not be able to notice it. Your body will switch to fight or flight mode that it will generate lot of hormones to control the situation. This would generally happen during extreme situations in life. But in the current scenario, most people often think about the same situation(usually bad situation) repetitively thus the body spends most of the time in fight or flight mode.

There are two ways to control the situation,

  • Hand over the problem to someone else. It could be believing in God and praying in the temple or believing in rituals and mantras and doing it sincerely every day.

  • Detach from the problem, taking a conscious effort to alter your decision and stay in the decision for a long time. The things will start changing positively.

At a higher level, both of the above steps may look to be a different way of handling the situation. But in reality, both of the above technique will generate the same changes to your subconscious mind and the body.

In the first scenario, If you chant any mantra sincerely you are indirectly believing that the problem would be taken care of by god or some superpower that in turn free the fear in your subconscious mind. Once your subconscious mind feels safe then your conscious mind(rationale part) will start looking for a practical solution.

On another hand, If you take a conscious effort to take control of the situation and say to yourself that “I can handle this” then your subconscious mind will know that you can handle it so it will feel safe and in turn your body will also feel safe and don’t generate stress hormones. Now you will be able to clearly see the solution for any problem. You will automatically attract all the information needed to solve the problem. This action will generate new neurological connections, more you do this practice the stronger becomes the neurological connections. Over the period of time, finding the solution for any problem will become a habit because of strong neurological association. Looks interesting?

Is that so easy? What are the pitfalls?

Though the second option may look simple, there will be lot of challenges during the initial phase. For some period of time, your mind will try to go to comfort zone(since your mind trained to look for a solution outside, it may resist taking responsibility) but you have to consciously pull back to present.

High level astrological defects and practical solution

Let us get into the technical details. I will list down what defects can each house in astrology imply and what you could do in this situation.

  1. If Lagna lord is weak or afflictions to Lagna lord then be aware of the people who you are associated with. Take wise decisions in making friends and choose the right people to listen to.

  2. If the 2nd lord is weak or afflicted, then always keep an eye of financials. Take empowering financial decisions.

  3. If the 3rd lord is weak or afflicted, then give importance to the relationship with siblings.

  4. If 4th house is weak or afflicted, then think before you invest in immovable property.

  5. If 5th house is weak or afflicted, then avoid speculations and do wise parenting.

  6. If 6th house is weak or afflicted, then think before taking huge loans.

  7. If 7th house is weak or afflicted, then choose wise life partner. If already married, then make effort to spend quality time with your spouse.

  8. If 8th house is weak or afflicted, then don’t expect sudden gains. Take conscious effort to choose the life partner with proper horoscope matching.

  9. If 9th house is weak or afflicted, then make a conscious effort to have a cordial relationship with father. Don’t expect the luck to favor you always.

  10. If 10th house is weak or afflicted, then take conscious choice in career.

  11. If 11th house is weak or afflicted then take a conscious choice in business.

  12. If 12th house is weak or affliction, then take a careful decision in investments and business expansion,

I have given only the high level details, by looking into the horoscope we can narrow down the weakness and I will be able to give more practical solutions.


Everyone will go through hardship in our life at some point. It is wise to look for the solution inside rather than trying to change the external factors. I hope this inspire you, feel free to post your comments.

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