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The most challenging questions for an astrologer, Why did the horoscope of twins are the same but no

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Many educated scholars a questions to an astrologer that if the horoscope is decided by time of birth then why did twins have same horoscope but not the same life. Some astrologers would give variations in the divisional chart because of few mins difference in the birth time as the reason for the difference in the life of twins. But if you apply this scenario for two people even if not twins born in the same hospital at the same time, then the divisional chart would also be the same thus failing to address the question of scholars. This question can't be answered unless we understand the theory of karma. Let me give convincing answer for this most challenging question.

Why horoscope is not fate, but just a blue print

Many still confuse astrology with fate, the planetary setup in the horoscope simply indicates the blueprint. The result will vary according to the execution.

Think about this scenario, if 2 engineers were given the same blueprint to construct a house in a different location with different resources, will the house be 100% same in every aspect? Not necessarily, depending upon the understanding of the engineer, available resource(both material and manpower), climatic conditions, the final product will vary.

Similarly, the same planetary position in the horoscope indicates that both have the same blueprint. Depending on the environment a person grows, his surroundings, belief systems, opportunities, the execution will vary. Similar to how the two houses that had the same blueprint have most of the features common, two people born with the same horoscope will have similar personality traits, and similar life events.

The theory of karma

The Karma is a big topic by itself, I am not going to discuss the entire karma theory here. You can check my older post[1][2] for the better understanding of Karma. For this particular scenario I wanted to clarify that each person will choose to born in a particular family with particular mental inclination according to past karma. The karma is the real executor of the blueprint.

Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao observes this

“Before the birth of child, it has karma to its credit and as a result of that karma it takes birth in a particular family with particular surroundings, special physical features and noticeable mental inclination”.

Even a cow can also give birth to a calf at the same time when a child is born. So if we cast a horoscope for the calf, it would have the same horoscope as that of the child. Isn’t it? The truth here is that our past karma decides whether we born as child or as calf. Let me give one more example, there were many people born in Mumbai city at the same time when Rajiv Gandhi was born, but not all of them became the prime minister of the country. The Karma decides the environment to execute the blueprint.


Next time when you visit your astrologer, get to know your blueprint and get excited with your execution

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