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Are you not clear with a good investment strategy? Your horoscope can reveal the best investment sch

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Although money can’t buy happiness, money is a powerful tool to buy comforts and conveyance in this materialistic world. The sound wealth gives the ability to fully experience the life. Investing the money is not a risk, but investing in the wrong channel is the greatest risk. Many times we adopt investing strategy of others which is good for a short gains, but having our own strategy will give long term success. Let me take you through the astrological analysis of the best investment stream for individuals.

What is your earning potential?

Everybody know what they earn today, but nobody is so sure about future earning. Your horoscope can indicate the minimum earning potential in your life. Understanding your earning potential is the first step and this will provide the level of your risk appetite.

In astrology, the 2nd house rules earning potential of the individual. The strong 2nd house and well placed 2nd lord indicates that the native will have free cash flow throughout life. Afflicted 2nd house or 2nd lord would indicate constant financial instability and debilitated 2nd lord would indicate longing more and more.

Investment and gains through a business

The 11th house refers to gains and profits one would make in business or other sources. The strong 11th house and well placed 11th lord indicates that the native will have gains. Depending upon the planet influencing the 11th house, the source of gains can be determined. For example, the strong Mercury influencing 11th house would indicate gains from commodities.

Investment in immovable assets

The 4th house indicates immovable assets. The strong 4th house and well placed 4th lord indicates that the native will buy the number of immovable properties. Venus is the karaka(indicator) for immovable properties. The influence of Mars with well placed Venus indicates owning landed properties and the influence of the Moon with well placed Venus indicates prosperity through beautiful homes.

Investment in precious metals and ornaments

The Jupiter rules gold and Venus rules the beautiful ornaments made of precious metals. The well placed Jupiter and Venus indicates that gains from precious metals and ornaments. The Venus is also the ruler of material comforts, so well placed Venus in the horoscope would indicate enjoying comforts throughout life.

Gains from foreign countries

Knowledge is wealth, often times the rightly used knowledge is capable of giving materialistic success. Due to globalization individuals earning potential can grow quickly by working in the first world countries. Rahu refers to foreigners and foreign countries. Well placed Rahu in the 3rd or 10th or 11th house would indicate earning from foreign lands during Rahu Mahadasha/bukti

Wealth through inheritance

The 9th house rules father and if 4th lord has a benefic connection with 9th lord then native will carry his father’s property; If 4th lord is well placed in 2nd house(11th house from 4th house) then native will inherit property from the maternal grandfather.

Gains from speculation and windfalls

The 5th house rules speculation and well placed 5th house or 5th lord will give native success in speculations. The 4th house rules general conveyance and 8th house rules sudden rise or fall, so well placed 4th lord gives native enjoy conveyance(be it monetary or other). Strong 8th lord or 8th house will give sudden gains through a lottery or from similar means.


Next time when you visit your astrologer, don't ask whether you will become rich instead ask what is the right stream to visit to have sound financial.

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