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Do you feel unlucky most of the time? The astrology will give you the answer by beautifully connect

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The life is not same for everyone, some of you may born in a humble environment and few others may born with a silver spoon. Even during the journey of life, for some the opportunity knocks the door and for others it takes years to find the right opportunity. Nobody have set this limitation other than you, wondering how? Astrology is a wonderful tool to understand the limitations that you had set in the past, and by understanding it you can exercise more free will to bounce back.

Why 5th house is an important house in Astrology?

The 5th house is called Purvapunya(past life credit). Many still relate the 5th house to only children and speculation but the beauty of a 5th house can be well understood only if we relate it to 1st house(or Lagna) and the 9th house. The Lagna is pivotal in connecting the past with the future. The Lagna is present life, the 9th houses from the Lagna is your past(and hence 9th house indicates your father), the 5th house which is 9th house from there is your future(5th house is 9th house from 9th house). So technically first house is your present life, the 9th house refers your past karma and fifth house to your future karma. And the beauty is all these are well connected and called as chain of Karma. Hence it is commonly noted that our karma(positive or negative) will affect the future generation. More the positive credit of Karma would give healthy, and successful children and the reverse is also true. If someone has gifted with a differently-abled child then it is due to their own past karma and child’s accumulated karma.

From the above explanation, you may now understand why the 5th house refers to your past karma which indirectly decides the fortune in the present life. You may observe some people are naturally lucky and get success in every venture, this is primarily because of their past karma. If you check the horoscope of lucky people the 5th house and 9th house will be well placed. Their own positive past life credits is coming back as opportunity at the right time.


So next time when things are not moving as planned, understand that it is due to your own past actions. It is also important to understand that the astrology don't set your limits. Instead it is giving you the reason for different starting point you had from others. This simply mean that you have more distance to run in the race. Get excited to run and win!

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