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Is there a horoscope without a single flaw? The truth about an ideal birth chart

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Why me? This question that pops up in everyone’s mind when there is a extreme problem in the life. This feeling sometimes indirectly induces a thought that there are people who doesn’t have sufferings in life. Many people who consults me ask this question,

"What can be called an ideal birth chart? Is it possible for a person to born in a time that has all planets at the best position and free from any sufferings in life?"

In this article, Let me discuss the truth about ideal birth chart.

The truth about ideal birth chart

The term ideal is an illusion and that can never be achieved. Every birth chart is a map of planetary set up during birth. Firstly, There is no birth chart without a single flaw, as per karma theory the imbalance in the karma is the reason for birth. If the soul becomes flawless then there won’t be any further birth. Secondly, the terms positive, good, best are a relative term. For one person which is considered best can become an average for another.

After analyzing numerous horoscopes, I realized that there is no possibility of ideal birth chart and every horoscope has some flaw. Let me give you few examples,

  • Lord Rama, despite having a number of yogas in his horoscope, he had a lot of hardships in his life and spent many years in the forest.

  • Charlie Chaplin horoscope has a combination to become a renowned and most successful actor, but at the same time afflicted Venus caused him to have an unsuccessful marriage and multiple relationships.

  • Steve jobs birth chart has the best combination to be the most creative person, but afflicted Moon in his horoscope gave the most tragic end.

  • Bruce Lee birth chart has the combination to become the most successful martial artist but also has the combination for disease and early death


There can never be ideal set up of planetary positions, and hence the ideal birth chart can never be possible. The purpose of astrology is to best use our inherit strength to become a better person in life.

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