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Are you destined to prosper outside your birth country? Your birth chart can reveal this secret

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

With globalization in full effect, people started travelling to western countries for better prosperity. For a person born in third world country, travelling to first world country for prosperity is the most promising move. After material prosperity is attained, most people stuck in a dilemma on whether to continue in western country or to travel back to mother land. Will my prosperity maintained if I travel back would be a major concern for everyone. Let me explain the astrological indications of prosperity in foreign country.

General strength of the horoscope

In astrology, the 4th house refers to native place or motherland. When the 4th house becomes weak and gets afflicted some astrologer would suggest native to move away from the native place for prosperity. But this suggestion should be given only after analyzing the overall strength of the horoscope. If the overall strength of the horoscope is very weak then moving away from the birthplace won’t make any difference.

For achieving success and gains reputation in the career the lord of 10th house and 11th lord should be strongly placed. The strong 2nd lord would give sound financial success. The well placed 9th lord and the 5th lord would give success, fame, and reputation. The last but not least, a well placed Lagna lord indicates native achieve success through his own effort.

Astrological indication for prosperity outside birth country

If the lord 4th house becomes weak but if the overall strength of the horoscope is good then the native may get success and reputation when moves away from the birthplace.

For travel outside birthplace, the following houses should be analyzed,

  • 3rd house - for short term travel

  • 9th house - for long term travel

  • 12th house - for staying far away from the birthplace

If in case 4th lord becomes weak but any of these houses becomes strong then the native will travel away from birthplace for a short or long term and this travel would become rewarding.

When travelling abroad will be deteriorating?

If the 4th lord is well placed but 9th lord becomes weak and 12th lord gets afflicted then native may not fortified by a foreign travel. His success and reputation would gradually come down as he move away from the birth place. In this scenario, taking long term journey is not recommended.


The weaker 4th lord but stronger 9th or 12th lord would generally give travel outside the birthplace, if the overall strength of the horoscope is good then this travel would give success and reputation.

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