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Are you going to experience prosperity or adversity after marriage? Here are the astrological rules

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The marriage is an important innings in our life. It is commonly said that marriages are made in heaven, but couples who are leading heavenly life after marriage are the most gifted. For some people the prosperity increases many fold after marriage, for some others life gives more challenges post marriage. A good astrological guidance can give you a clue on whether prosperity is ahead or challenges are ahead.

Astrological house of prosperity after marriage

In astrology, the 7th house refers to a married relationship, spouse, and quality of married life. The 11th house rules gains and profits. The 5th house is 11th house from the 7th house and hence it refers the prosperity after marriage and gains form the married life partner. When 8th lord(2nd lord from 7th house) and 5th lord(11th lord from 7th house) are weak then native’s spouse will be from a humble background.

What indicates prosperity after marriage?

When 5th lord is well placed in Kendra or Trikona or Upachaya and if gets benefic aspection then native will gain status and reputation after marriage. When 7th lord occupies 5th house and if conjoined and aspected by 5th lord then gains after marriage is indicated.

Similarly, when 5th & 7th lord gets parivartana(exchange of houses) then native will see progressive growth after marriage. If this has some connection with 10th & 2nd lord then native will get huge success through partnership business. The 7th lord and 5th lord having a benefic connection with 4th lord or Venus then the native will acquire multiple immovable properties after marriage.

What indicates adversity after marriage?

When 7th lord becomes weak and conjoined with 12th lord(6th lord from 7th house) then there chances for downs in business after marriage. When the dasha in both the horoscope is indicating detrimental, then they will struggle to come out of crisis.

How to mitigate, if there is indication of adversity?

We can’t choose our parents, neither the physical appearance. but the best part of marriage is that we have freewill to choose the right life partner. If someone finds this astrological indication before marriage and cleverly choose a life partner to compliment this defect then it can reduced the adversity indicated in the horoscope.

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