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Are you addicted to any habits in your life? Here are the astrological rules to find addiction and s

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Global statistics say 0.6% of adults in the world are addicted to some form drugs. More than 50% young adults admit that they have mobile phone addiction. Any addiction occurs mainly due to repeated instance of doing an activity hence it goes in to subconscious mind(which is kind of automatic mode). Science reveals that

"We are conscious of only about 5% of our cognitive activity, so most of our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior depends on the 95% of brain activity that goes in subconscious mind"

If someone practice any event for quiet long time then our brain will go in to automatic mode thus we can’t consciously control them(to be more precise we can’t control them without awareness), ex: once you master the driving of your car, you will operate break, clutch and accelerator without your conscious awareness. Addiction is one such thing that goes in to automatic mode. You can observe people saying ‘I won’t continue this again’ but doing it in very next instance because 95% subconscious takes over.

Astrological combination for addiction

Now coming to astrological combination, Moon is the karaka for Mind. So weak and afflicted Moon is the indication of leading life with less conscious awareness. Especially if weak Moon is afflicted by Saturn, Mars and Rahu then the person will find difficult to change their automatic mode and usually take long time to come out of an addiction.

Addiction to drug

When Mars badly associate with Sun then person will be addicted to drugs.

Addiction to gambling

In astrology 5th house rules entertainment, when Moon is weakly placed in 5th house with affliction from Mars, Saturn or Rahu then person will be addicted to gambling, if 2nd lord becomes weak and 12th lord joins above combination then the person will lose his wealth in gambling

Addiction to mobile phone and gadgets

In astrology, 3rd house rules communication and sign Gemini ruled by Mercury rules communication & gadgets. So weak Moon afflicted in the sign of Gemini or 3rd house or connection with weak 3rd lord may give addiction to mobile.

Additional information

The Mars and Venus close conjunction may give addiction to gamblings if 12th lord and Jupiter also become weak then addiction to women can be predicted. If Rahu is involved in this combination then these addictions will be triggered during Rahu Mahadasha or bukti, but it doesn’t mean that native will stay in addiction for 18 long years. If Jupiter is well placed and Lagna lord is getting fair benefic association then native will come out of addiction during Jupiter sub period or other benefic planet sub-periods.

Practical solution to come out of addiction

Coming to a practical solution, fighting to come out of addiction would rarely give success because of the law of reversed effort.

The Law of reversed effort

French psychologist defined the law of reversed effort that

"When you compel the subconscious mind to accept your idea by exercising will power you will be doomed to failure and you get the opposite of what you prayed for."

This is because all the addictions will usually be strongly imprinted in your subconscious mind. The desire to come out will be at the conscious level when there is a conflict of opinion between the conscious and subconscious mind, the winner would be your subconscious.

The 2 quick possible workarounds for this,

  • Focus on what you want - If you constantly focused on something you want then automatically you will leave what you don’t want. For example, if you want to quit facebook then try to focus on something else like take a challenge to write a blog post every day or making a youtube video for 30 days. I bet you will not have time to check facebook.

  • Break the pattern - Humans are addicted to patterns and routines. If you are addicted to coffee and if you want to stop it, then find out what is the pattern of your coffee drinking habit? For example, if you are taking coffee every day at 5 PM when you watch a particular news channel, then next day step out for a walk at 5 PM. This will break the pattern and if you can do this for a couple of days, then original pattern will be broken and new pattern will be formed. By the way, after next few days you can’t stop walking at 5. Please refer my book for more details on the astrological combinations for a bunch of modern diseases.

  • Visualization technique - Stop the addiction and from the same day visualize that you are happy for being out of addiction for 48 days in the same place and at the same time. This has the power to change addiction habit that imprinted in your subconscious belief.

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