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Is it worthwhile to learn astrology?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

In olden days, the subject like astrology were taught only by Guru. With the advent of the internet and online mediums, anyone can learn basic astrology concepts over the internet. But at the same time, too much information available over the internet may confuse the true seeker. Is it worthwhile to learn astrology through online resources? I am going to discuss the consequences of learning astrology only to predict your own future.

Learning astrology to predict your own life events

Astrology is a fascinating subject, particularly to the reason that it can quite accurately reveal the future life events. That’s why many people are easily attracted by this divine subject. Most people start learning astrology to analyze their own chart. It is normal to apply the principles in your own chart during initial phase, but there is a limit to it. If someone keep repeatedly analyzing their own chart then they will most likely stuck soon. Most importantly, if they keep tracking of the everyday event and start correlating to astrological implications then very soon they will develop self-limiting beliefs and they may finally start blaming astrology is the reason for every limit in their life.

Learning astrology to help other taking empowering decisions

One who start learning astrology to analyze their own chart, but over the period of time fascinated by the subject get deeper into it and start analysis variety of horoscopes. These people usually become expert in the subject and would never stop learning. Some may go and become a professional astrologer and few will remain astrologer for themselves and closed circle.

In learning astrology, I have seen two categories of people.

Learning astrology and practicing with multiple horoscopes should go hand in hand. Otherwise, you will not be able to predict your own career or life accurately. Just similar to how the doctor would be able to diagnose his own health issues only if he is good at the diagnosing disease of others.


Learning basic astrological concepts through books or online medium is a good starting point. Unless you apply the learned concepts on several practical horoscopes, you will hardly able to make an accurate prediction. So if you are at a crossroad and need guidance, it is an easier choice to take professional consulting from a good astrologer rather than trying to learn the ocean of astrological concepts.

Learn Astrology

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