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Why it is important to be prepared for an astrological consultation? Here are some serious life ques

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Most people go to astrologers without any concrete question to ask, this is primarily due to the fact that most people visit astrologers while things are not going in the right direction. When things are not going as per wish usually a person will be stumbled on multiple issues, so mostly they would go to find one answer for all their problem. But asking the right question is very important to get the right answer from an expert.

One of the fastest ways to find the solution to an issue or challenge you are facing is to ask the right questions - Robin S. Sharma

Some important question you can ask an astrologer

In my view, astrology is a wonderful tool to know when to accelerate in life and to be aware of pitfalls well in advance. So asking the right questions to the astrologer would help you to get the right indication and develop a mitigation plan.

Some of the powerful question that you can ask apart from asking specific questions to your problem.

  • What is that one most valuable advice you would give analyzing my horoscope?

  • What would be the most satisfying and rewarding career according to my horoscope?

  • What is the most critical financial decision I should make in my life according to the planetary setup?

  • What kind of lifestyle is most suited to keep my health in good conditions indicated in the horoscope?

  • Which area of life should I give immediate attention according to planetary setup?

  • What should I do to keep my emotional well being?

  • What one belief I should challenge to make my life more rewarding and fulfilling? (of course, this question can be answered by astrologer only after interaction with clients)

Of course, this is not the complete list and this is part advise from my book. Please feel free to include more questions in the comment sections.

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