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What planetary combination in a horoscope would give a highly successful career as a chartered accou

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

In the era of globalization, many multinational companies operate in different countries and regions. A Chartered Accountant helps a business entity to deal with laws of Foreign Exchange Management Act or complying with rules and regulations of governments of every country where business is operating. The role of Chartered Accountants in taxation field is commendable. They are the masters of taxation. They play a vital role in budget forecasting, Tax planning, preparation of books of accounts, capital budgeting, and financing. For the present topic of interest, let me talk about the planetary combination that makes a person successful chartered accountant.

What are the key planets for Chartered Accountant?

The Jupiter and Mercury are the most important planets for a chartered accountant. The Mercury rules the Mathematical skills, account keeping, auditors and other account-related jobs. Jupiter gives the ability to focus and attention to the details. The strong Sun should also be key indicators for accountants, if Moon also joins with Sun with the influence of Mercury then native may serve in government service or any other big corporation in the field of accounting and auditing. The sign Taurus which 2nd house of the zodiac rules money management.

In my experience below are some of the key combination for successful auditors,

  • Jupiter and Mercury conjunction in 10th house or both of these planet aspecting 10th house or 10th lord.

  • The Lagna lord conjoining Jupiter or Mercury and influencing 10th house.

  • The 10th house occupied by Mercury aspected by Sun, Moon, and Jupiter would make famous auditor of a big organization.

  • The Sun or Moon occupying the 10th house and the 2nd lord well placed and gets aspection from Mercury and Jupiter will also produces a highly skilled auditor of big public or private sector.

  • The 10th house is influenced by Jupiter or Mercury and the lord of 10th house occupying Mercury or Jupiter navamsa.

  • The Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka be Jupiter and Mercury respectively are well placed in Navamsa


The strong Mercury, Jupiter, 2nd house would indicate a successful career in accounting. These are high level combination, based on the overall strength of the horoscope and planetary influence the result would vary.

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