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Is Rahu Mahadasha always give challenges and impediments? What good and bad can be expected?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Rahu and Ketu are the two cutting points of Earth’s and Moon’s elliptical orbit ie: the path of motion, and they are termed as North and south nodes. Please refer this article for more details about Rahu and Ketu.

Nature of Rahu Mahadasha

Rahu always gets notorious attention, but a well placed Rahu is capable of giving fame, position, and reputation. Rahu if well placed in 3rd house, 6th house, 10th house, and the 11th house will give overall positive results during its Mahadasha. The Rahu in 10th house can give reputation in the job or a job in foreign countries. The Rahu in 11th house would give material acquisition from a foreign land. On other hand, badly placed Rahu in the horoscope can give downfall in life. Especially when Rahu is severely afflicted by malefics like Mars or Saturn then it will give lot of health issues and hospital visits. Rahu conjoined with Moon can give lot of mental trauma.

Results of sub periods in Rahu Mahadasha

Generally, the benefic planets sub-periods will give good results during Rahu Mahadasha unless Rahu or benefic planets are afflicted. The natural malefic sub-periods will usually create challenges in multiple areas of life. Please check out my latest book for tips to manage tough Rahu Mahadasha. The Rahu Mahadasha extends for 18 long years in the natal horoscope. Following are some high-level description of each sub-periods in Rahu Mahadasha.

  • Rahu Bukti(sub period) - Would create increased uncertainty in life and thus it may create anxiety and worries. Possibility of transfer or job change if related to 10th house. May also create misunderstandings with family members and relatives.

  • Jupiter Bukti - If Jupiter is well placed then there will be the acquisition of wealth, the birth of children, and will get the opportunity to visit pilgrimages. Gains of wisdom and respect. If Jupiter becomes weak and afflicted then reverse of above results can happen.

  • Saturn Bukti - Problems in the family relationship, chances of divorce(only if horoscope has the combination for divorce) or temporary separation from spouse, unnecessary disputes and court cases. In my experience, most people make bad decisions during Saturn sub period in Rahu Mahadasha. So it is better to avoid taking any major life decisions during this time.

  • Mercury bukti - If Mercury is well placed then Pursuing higher education, acquisition of wealth, gains through trading would happen during this period. If Mercury becomes weak and afflicted then it may give nervous troubles and depression.

  • Ketu bukti - Confusion, anxiety, fear and lot of uncertainty in life. There are chances for undiagnosable diseases.

  • Venus bukti - If Venus is well placed then native will acquire a lot of wealth and conveyance during this period. There will be auspicious events in life including marriage. There are also chances for gains from the spouse. If Venus is afflicted then it may give quarrels with the wife.

  • Sun bukti - Fear, constant health troubles and stress in multiple areas of life.

  • Moon bukti - If Moon is well placed then there will be an acquisition of materials. If Moon is weak and afflicted then there will be a possibility of depression and anxiety problems, quarrels with mother, unable to make the right decisions.

  • Mars bukti - Possibility of danger from fire, thieves, and enemies. Involvement in court cases, generally there will be sorrow, worry, and anxiety. There is also the possibility of surgery in the body during this time.


Although malefic sub period will give challenges to everyone, if Rahu is well placed in the horoscope and if overall strength of the horoscope is good then Rahu Mahadasha will give fame, position and reputation.

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