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2022 Global Trends and Tensions

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

2021 have been a rough year for every country. Due to continuous effect of Covid-19 many countries had to impose curfew. Many countries had 2nd & 3rd wave of mutant virus. Hence, everyone is looking forward to 2022 with hope of betterment.

I had given predictions for 2021 as well, some of the predictions did come true and few of them are not. Let me start with what predictions I had given and what had happened.

2021 Predicted Vs Happened

2021 Yearly chart - General Planetary disposition

As per Vedic astrology, the yearly chart is prepared based on the new moon day in Phalguna month. In 2022, it falls on 1st April 2022. The year lord for 2022 is Saturn. The year presided by Saturn generally indicates increases in robbery, increase of disease & hunger, destruction through winds, less rain & loss of crops.

The year starts with Mars & Saturn conjunction which is generally not a welcome combination. Mars & Saturn conjunction generally indicates global tensions, war like situation, loss of life due to natural calamities like Earthquakes, epidemics, fire accidents etc. Since this conjunction happens in Earthy sign, there may be more earthquakes in 2022.

During start of 2021, the Jupiter will be in Aquarius. It will move to Pisces on 14th April 2022. The Saturn will be on Capricorn during the start of the year. It will move to Aquarius on 30th April 2022. Saturn will be in forward motion for a while, then it will be in retrograde motion from 6th Jun 2022. During Retrograde motion it will move back to Capricorn on 13th July 2022, and retrograde motion ends on 23rd Oct 2022. The Saturn will continue forward motion and it will move to Aquarius on Jan 23rd 2023.

How is 2022 for India?

The year starts with rising sign Gemini. The ascendant & 4th lord in the 10th house with 3rd lord Sun & 2nd lord Moon. The financial sectors, communication industry and educational institutes will prosper this year. The 5th house is afflicted by Ketu, Rahu. Hence the children and fun places will suffer. The birth rate will also be less this year.

The 6th lord Mars in the 8th house with Saturn, this is not a good combination. The health of the people will be in troubles. The 8th house denotes mortality rate hence there may be death of masses due to new Covid mutant or other natural calamities. The Mars and Saturn conjunction happens in the 9th house from India's Independence chart. So, there may be problems in religious places. However, the good news is that the 9th house of the yearly chart is occupied by two benefics viz Jupiter and Venus. The 11th house is occupied by Rahu, Sun aspected by Ketu and Saturn. Hence, the foreign investments, and import/exports will come down.

During 30th April 2022, there is a partial solar eclipse. The eclipse falls in the sign of Aries. The eclipse in chaitra month generally indicates that artists, writers, musicians, dancers, goldsmith & jewelers will suffer. So, there may be loss of great artists, musicians, or dancers. The people in Bihar, Odisha, north west of Punjab and Telangana should be careful.

When eclipse occur in the sign of Mesha the people of Panchala(Modern Uttarakhand), the Kalinga(Coastal Andra & Odisha), Surasenas(Braj region of UP), Kambojas(Modern Tajikistan), Udras(modern Orissa), military, and people work with fire will suffer. So, there may be more fire accidents in the above mentioned areas.

There are couple of watch out time for India,

  1. March 2022 to June 2022 - High mortality rate due to Covid Mutant or fire accidents or earth quakes or accidents or other natural calamities. Especially the states of Mysore, Maharashtra, Telangana, Kolkata, Delhi and Punjab will affected. There is a possibility of heavy snowfall in Himachal Pradesh

  2. June 2022 to Aug 2022 - Chances of communal and linguistic violence, earthquakes and fire accidents in the North east part of India

How 2022 is going to be for USA?

For USA, the rising sign is Sagittarius. The year starts with Mars & Saturn conjunction in the 2nd house. The countries import/export, wealth of the people, and revenue will suffer. In the Independence chart the Ketu in the 2nd house aspected by Rahu & Mars. Rahu Mahadasha Saturn bukti and Keti antra will run between Feb 2022 to April 2022. So, there may be huge market fall during this period. The ruler will face challenges in decision making.

The Solar eclipse will be on 30th April 2022 which is visible in part of Argentina. States of Mexico and Argentina will see earthquakes, fire accidents during Apr to June 2022. Military, police forces & medical practitioners may suffer. Children of the state and entertainment industry will suffer. Between June and Aug 2022 there are chances of earthquakes, fire accidents and communal violence in the South America.

How 2022 is going to for UK & Europe?

The year starts with Aries rising. The Mars and Saturn conjunction in the 10th house. The foreign trade and export would suffer heavily this year. The ruler will face a lot of challenges in running the government and there may be disputes in the parliament.

Brussels, Albania, some part of Germany, and Denmark would see earthquakes and fire accidents between March 2022 to June 2022. The health of women, foreign relations are not very promising this year. Military, police force & medical practitioners would suffer. The condition of cabinet and general affairs would suffer. Between June 2022 to Aug 2022 there may be earth quakes, fire accidents and communal violence in North & North west of Europe

How is 2022 going to be for China?

The year starts with Cancer rising. The Mars and Saturn conjunction happens in the 7th house with kalasarpha dosha. The foreign relationship would adversely effect. There will be war like situation with neighbors. The relationship with India and USA will be very bad this year. The health of women would suffer and infant mortality rate would increase.

There will be border issues with India between March 2022 to July 2022. There are chances of communal violence in the religious places

How is going to be 2022 for Russia?

The year starts with Gemini rising. The Mars and Saturn conjunction happens in the 8th house. There may be high mortality rate in the country due to new Covid Mutant or earth quakes and other natural calamities. Taxation may go high and financial sectors would suffer.

There may be border tension with China, North Korea, and Kazakhstan. More specially the relationship with China would adversely affect. Between June to Aug 2022 there are chances of earth quakes and fire accidents

How is 2022 going to be for Japan?

The year starts with Leo rising. The Mars and Saturn conjunction happens in the 6th house. There will be issues to the general health of the public. Between March 2022 to June 2022 there may be deaths due to earth quakes and Tsunami.

Countries debts may increase this year. Naval force, police and military force would suffer. Between June 2022 to Aug 2022 there are high chances of larger magnitude earth quake with Tsunami warning.


  • Saturn & Mars conjunction and Kal Sarpa dosha indicating global tensions. The warlike situation at borders, death of masses due to natural calamities like earthquakes, fire accidents, cyclones and hurricanes

  • Destruction of trees due to heavy winds. Major Earthquakes and Monsoons will have less rainfall than normal, agriculture will suffer due to drought

  • Solar Eclipse on 30th April influencing sign Aries/Libra, with Saturn & Mars conjunction on Aquarius. Stressful period for Military, police forces, medical practitioners. Another Solar Eclipse on 25th Oct influencing Libra/Aries including Venus. There may be a danger to famous film personalities.

  • Mars & Rahu conjunction from 27th June to 10th Aug, with aspect from Retrograde Saturn till the end of July. Chances of communal and linguistic violence, earth quakes and fire accidents.

  • Part of India, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Mexico, Greece, Eastern Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Denmark, Syria, Ireland, Persia, Holland, Dublin will suffer.

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