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Vedic Astrological study of Chess Grandmaster - Ranking by Nakshatra Neuro Scheme

Chess is a famous strategic board game played worldwide by many. It is a 2-player game with the objective to put the opponent’s king in a checkmate position. This game is mentally very demanding. It requires a lot of patience, concentration, deep thinking, and a competitive spirit. The challenging and strategic nature of the game interested many people to study different tactics to win. International chess competitions organized by FIDE (Chess Grandmaster) take place between professional players and FIDE ranks players based on their performance.

Key houses and planets for chess


Enables deep thinking, foreseeing abilities and patience


Gives courage and resilience, and the sign Aries rules Defence


Rules intelligence, strategy, and analytical abilities


Sharpens reasoning abilities


Makes one strive for more wins


Well-placed Moon will give clarity of thought and is a pillar for this mind game

Lagna or 1st house

Represents oneself and is crucial for chess as it is an individual game

Lagna or Moon in Scorpio

Native will have an inherent malice nature and will be secretive to poison opponent

3rd house

Represents competition & courage

5th house

Rules intellectual thinking & quick decision-making skills

9th house

Involves deep thinking and deep understanding

6th house

Enables one to be victorious over their enemies

Nakshatra Neuro Scheme (NNS)

Chess Grandmaster is one of the few careers in the world which ranks people based on their performance. A new astrological tool called “Nakshatra Neuro Scheme” (NNS) will be used to validate this ranking. NNS can be interpreted as the “brain” of a native’s chart. Every Rasi chart has an NNS. The idea behind this tool resides within the ruling power a planet possesses over a given Nakshatra. The following example will shed more light on this idea. If we observe in a rasi chart that Sun is positioned in the Jyestha Nakshatra, then we know that Sun is placed in a Nakshatra that is ruled by Mercury. NNS goes a step further and states that if Sun is placed in Jyestha Nakshatra which is ruled by Mercury, then Sun is also ruled by Mercury. The illustration below summarizes this idea.

The NNS of a Rasi chart can be drawn by aligning all the planets and nodes in a circular fashion and drawing arrows from planets or nodes with ruling power, to planets or nodes being ruled. The following image is an example of an NNS diagram.

*Note: Asc means Ascendant, which is the rising zodiac sign of the native. Since the ascendant is positioned in a Nakshatra, it will be ruled by a planet or node. It is possible for a planet to rule itself if the planet is placed in a nakshatra that it rules. For example, in the image above, Mars is ruling itself because it is placed in Dhanishta nakshatra.

NNS can be described as the brain of the rasi chart, and the arrows can be seen as the neurone activities embedded in the complex relationships existing between the planets and nodes.

Hierarchy of Ruling Power (HRP)

Another astrological tool can be derived from NNS and is called “Hierarchy of Ruling Power” (HRP). This representation will be very useful in ranking the different chess players. HRP illustrates the different power levels that exists between the planets and nodes in a hierarchy tree format and the true essence of their interactions. The HRP can be drawn by placing at the top (Power Level 1), the planets or nodes which are either ruling themselves or ruling multiple planets/nodes in a cyclical fashion and the remaining planets/nodes branch out from Power Level 1. The following HRP was derived from the NNS example given above.

There are 2 trees present in this HRP. Since Mars was ruling itself, it will be in Power Level 1 at the top by itself in 1 tree. Venus, Ketu and Saturn are ruling each other in a cyclical fashion and thus, they will be in Power Level 1 at the top in a separate tree from Mars because they have no connection to Mars.

In Power Level 2, we see Jupiter branching out from Mars since Mars is ruling Jupiter next. Moon is also in power level 2 being branched out from Venus, Ketu and Saturn because Venus is ruling Moon and since Ketu, Saturn and Venus are ruling each other, it makes Ketu and Saturn rulers of Moon as well. The same “branching out” logic applies to the remaining planets/nodes until there is no more planets/nodes to branch out to a power level.

The Hierarchy of Ruling Power (HRP) will tremendously help one to rank multiple chess players by performance. HRP gives a direct visualization of how skilled a native can be. For a native to have the highest rank in chess, it is important to have strong combinations for chess in the rasi chart along with an HRP that contains the least number of trees, the least number of ruling planets in Power Level 1, and the most important planets needed for chess to be ideally placed in Power Level 1. When an HRP contains multiple trees, it is a clear sign of weak interconnections between the planets and nodes. When an HRP contains multiple planets/nodes ruling Power Level 1, it becomes too chaotic for the chart to function properly.

Practical Illustration

For the following horoscopes, HRP will be used to validate the world ranking of each player in chess.

Horoscope & HRP of Garry Kasparov

Ascendant and Moon are positioned both in Scorpio which gives Garry an edge in chess with a malice nature. 3rd lord Saturn is placed in 3rd house and is in mutual aspection with lagna lord Mars, positioned in the 9th house. This combination involving Saturn and Mars is excellent as they are the most important planets for chess. 3rd lord Saturn is aspecting 5th house and 5th lord Jupiter is in 5th house with 10th lord Sun. 5th lord Jupiter is aspecting Mars and Rahu in 9th house. The 3rd, 5th and 9th houses are very strong in this chart. Rahu in 9th aids in gaining deep understanding. 9th lord Moon is in parivartna with lagna lord Mars which again invokes deep learning in native. There is a powerful Rajayoga formed in 5th house between 5th lord Jupiter and 10th lord Sun which yields high intelligence. Garry’s HRP shows 1 tree which is a strong indicator for interconnected planets/nodes and Saturn and Mars are ruling the tree in Power Level 1, which is extremely beneficial as they are the most crucial planets for chess. This explains his 2nd rank in chess worldwide.

Horoscope & HRP of Fabiano Caruana

5th lord Jupiter is in Ascendant and 9th lord Mars is aspecting Ascendant which makes the native bold and very intelligent. Rahu is placed in 5th house and, 5th lord Jupiter and 9th lord Mars is aspecting 5th house and 5th lord Jupiter is aspecting 9th house which again shows signs of high and deep intelligence. Native has a powerful 6th house involving Saturn, Mercury, Moon, Sun, and Venus, which makes him victorious over enemy and 6th lord Saturn is aspecting 3rd house from 6th house which gives strong competitive spirit. Fabiano’s HRP contains 1 tree and is ruled by Mercury in Power Level 1. This is excellent but because Saturn and Mars are more important planets than Mercury in chess, Fabiano should be ranked lower than Garry. This explains his 4th rank in chess worldwide.

Horoscope & HRP of Maxime Vachier-Lagrave

Moon is in Scorpio which gives Maxime an edge in chess with a malice nature. Saturn in 5th house brings patience in native’s intelligence. 5th lord Jupiter is exalted, conjoined with Ketu and aspecting 6th house. This brings high level of intelligence with a sharpness to his thinking process. 5th lord Jupiter is also aspecting Moon in Scorpio which is excellent to great mind clarity. Although ascendant lord Sun is being debilitated in 3rd house, 9th lord Mars is aspecting Ascendant and 5th house which makes native very bold. 3rd house is very powerful in terms of competition with the conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Venus, and Venus being the lord of the house is cancelling Sun’s debilitation. Maxime’s HRP has 1 tree but is ruled by 4 planets in Power Level 1 which is not ideal. This explains his 12th rank in chess worldwide.

Horoscope & HRP of Etienne Bacrot

3rd and 10th lord Mars is in Ascendant which brings a competitive and bold nature to native. Rahu being in 5th house gives high intelligence along with the aspection with Mercury and Ketu which strengthens the intelligence even further. Ascendant lord Saturn is exalted in 9th house and aspecting 6th house which is excellent for a deep analytic ability with a competitive edge. There is a powerful Rajayoga between 7th lord Sun and 9th lord Venus aspecting 6th house which strengthens his victorious nature over his enemies. Etienne’s HRP however shows a disconnected chart with 3 trees involved which is not ideal in terms of ranking, but his 3rd tree is very powerfully ruled by Rahu. This explains his 111th position in chess worldwide.

Chess Grandmaster Ranking – Summary

In addition to strong chess combinations in a Rasi chart,

  • HRP must contain the least amount of trees as this makes the chart much more interconnected

  • HRP should have the most important planets/nodes ruling in Power Level 1 to get higher ranking in chess

  • HRP should have the least number of planets/nodes ruling in Power Level 1 to reduce chaos in ruling power

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