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What can you expect in Rahu, Ketu, Saturn Mahadasha and What are some practical remedies?

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There are so many myths and confusion about Rahu, Ketu and Saturn Mahadasha. People often get confused on how to handle tough Mahadasha. They visit every astrologer without getting proper guidance and continue to spend hefty amounts on irrelevant remedies. In fact, for an astrologer 90% of consultation come from people who are going through Rahu, Ketu, Saturn Mahadasha or bukti.

Clearing Myths

In order to give clarity, I had invited Shri G Vijay Kumar to speak on this topic. He gave a wonderful talk on this subject. You can check out the full video here

Quick Summary

Here is the quick synopsis of the talk,

  • Rahu is the planet of illusion, passion and chaos. On a positive side, Rahu helps in possession(Wealth, position and authority)

  • Practical solution during Rahu Mahadasha - Focus and practice gratitude everyday

  • Ketu is the planet of losses, breakups, separation. On a positive side, Ketu helps in spiritual journey

  • Practical solutions during Ketu Mahadasha - Take it easy and let go

  • Shani is the planet of Justice, hard work. On a positive side, Saturn gives maturity.

  • Practical solution during Shani Mahadasha - Hard work, adapt Minimalism, expect less and ready for justice

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