Muthu Vijayan Elango

Muthu Vijayan is certified Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Program(NLP) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT) practitioner. He has helped many individual to identify true goal in life and empowered them to achieve success. He Learnt astrology from his father in the year 2002 and practicing it since then. He is expert in prediction of professional life, marriage and foreign travel. He is passionate in writing astrology related article for the benefit of common people. He is one of most popular writer in Quora in the topics like astrology, horoscope, Jyotish and Kundali. 

Saravana Kumar Ganesan

 I am a software engineer working in Singapore. Like every Indian, I came across many instances of people sharing their views and experience with Astrology and I had few of my own as well. It was only after meeting Muthu Vijayan my Astrological mentor and college mate, the questions got deeper and wider. Rather than being a believer or non believer, we decided to be seekers. I am trying to analyze the astronomical evidence in astrology and present them to common audience.​

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