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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a wonderful program that guides to you achieve success by tapping all your hidden potential. Life coaching helps to identify your true obstacles or challenges and provide you clear action items to reach where you want to be.

How astrology and Life coaching works together?

Astrology helps you understand your inherit strength and weakness by carefully studying your Karma. Life Coaching helps you tap all your hidden potential to achieve success in your life. Combining both will help you to lead happy and fulfilled life.


How does it work?


1) Please enroll to life coaching program by filling out the survey. Enrollment is free for first 100 customers(75+ people already enrolled). After that nominal fee of Rs.200/$3 will be charged for the enrollment.

2) After enrollment our life coach will contact you via email, work with you to find comfortable time for the first session. The coaching session will be through Zoom video call or Mobile based on your convenient option.

3) You will have follow up session with our coach to identify action items to achieve your goal.

4) Typically each session will be of duration one hour. Each session will be charged nominal fee of Rs.2500/$50

5) All the discussions in each session will be maintained confidential. A Letter of Confidentiality will be signed before every session. 


  1.  Are you going live with frustrated relationship?

  2.  Did you decided to live your entire life with low confidence?

  3.  Are you going to be always worried about your future?

  4.  Do you want to settle your life with low paying and discontent job?

  5.  Are you going to live mediocre life without understanding your life purpose?

Your Journey to Change & success starts today!
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