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Will I have advancing career?

Innovative Astro Solutions

Many times, you want to evaluate your options, or you are in need of direction for the future. Whether you’re reconsidering your career choices, your love life, or your investment options, We can help you choose the right direction.


Welcome to Innovative Astro Solutions! Astrological solutions to your problems. We provide a affordable and exceptional astrological consulting to our customers.

My Journey

I learnt astrology at the age of 15. I have been doing professional astrology consulting for more than 45 years. My area of expertise include astrology, numerology, vastu and jaimini astrology. I am well known for my accurate prediction on education, marriage life, child birth, professional life, health issues and natural calamities.

Why Innovative Astro Solutions?
  1. We provide accurate astrological prediction for affordable price.

  2. Your horoscope will be held very confidential, it will not be shared with anyone other than you.

  3. We will maintain high standard of moral and ethics in astrology consulting.

  4. Skype call will be arranged for foreign nationals.

  5. Free download – Our custom build astrology software.

  6. Personalized life coaching for people with extreme problems

Saravanan Mani (Bahrain)

I have consulted with them recently, their prediction helped me to make correct career change decision at right time and it worked well. Thank you so much for your accurate predictions. Looking forward to consult with you in the future as well

K.N. Rao

Astrology is merely reading the karmic pattern which has a link with the past life(s) and also with the future life(s). The karmic pattern is woven skillfully in a horoscope, so as to indicate the balance of karmas that the native is carrying as well as his mission or task in this life.

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