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Dec 16, 2017

General Query regarding Astrology

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Hi sir I came to know about u through one my frnd.

I would like to know more about my self in which way I would be successful..

Pls assure me that u would help in getting rid of my prblms.

 I have followed many remedies adviced by well known astrological persons Performed

Ganapathi Homams

Sarpa dosa Pooja.. 

Navagraha Pooja

Raju Ketu Pooja

Some 1 adviced to wear gems according to my horoscope

Some ppl gave some mantra to chant.

I have followed each & everything atmost dedication & sincerely..

Inspite of doing all these  nothing helpful..

Soo pls help me .....

Pls do respond so dat I can share my further details with you...

Thanks Sir...

Dear Raghava,


Thank you for writing to us. To see any positive change in life, the first change should happen within us. The concept of remedy is over used in astrology. Modern day astrologers over use remedies because everyone want to have quick fix their problem in life. But in reality life is mix of joy and sorrow, we should understand this and keep moving. A good combination in a horoscope when analyzed from different aspect can lead to problems also. For example in Walt disney horoscope a combination which made him to win number of oscar awards made him to underwent nervous break down. As I always say horoscope simply indicates out past karma, we should live the bad time and complete these karmic act. Trying to stop Karma with remedies will make Karma much stronger and complex. So please don’t waste your time and money in doing all remedies. Use astrology to read your inherit strength and weakness. If good time is indicated use that as an opportunity to grow, similarly when bad time is indicated be cautious and play safe.Please post your question in my website with birth details, I will guide you further.

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