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Jun 13, 2018

Settlement abroad and love marrige


Edited: Jun 13, 2018

In case of my daughter a Taurus ascendant, 7th & 12th lord Mars gets exalted in 9th house along with in conjunction of Venus and Saturn. 9th aspects 12th house, 3rd house and 4th house. 2nd lord Mercury is in house of Saturn i.e 10 the house. Is this a very good combination for job related settlement abroad and love marriage? her DOB 18.02.1992 11.40am Moga(Punjab)75 E 10 & 30 N 48

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  • Dear Muthu Vijayan sir , I was the video in youtube regarding data science career, can you please tell me can i opt for that profession Name : venugopal dob : 19-08-1987 time : 2.55pm place : kolar , karnataka Please sir, waiting for your insights on this
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