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Narendra Modi's 2024 Swearing-In: Will It Usher in Stability or Chaos? An Astrological Perspective


India, one of the largest democracies in the world, has garnered significant global attention with its 2024 general elections. As a country known for its diversity and influence, India's political landscape often impacts global dynamics. Within the country, the 2024 elections have been particularly noteworthy due to Narendra Modi's tenure as Prime Minister over the past ten years. If he rises to power again, Modi would become the second Prime Minister, after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, to serve more than a decade. With the election results now in, Shri Narendra Modi has been elected as Prime Minister for the third time, officially sworn in on June 9, 2024. This article delves into an astrological analysis of the swearing-in chart, offering insights without taking any political sides

Why 2024 Prime Ministerial Term Is Crucial?

In the previous two elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) emerged as the single largest party, forming the government with a clear majority and without depending on its alliance partners, thus ensuring stability. However, in 2024, the BJP fell short of the required majority by 32 seats. Consequently, they have formed a coalition government with their NDA partners. The stability of the government now hinges on the strength and cohesion of the NDA alliance

Astrological Analysis Of 2024 Narendra Modi's Swearing-In Chart

Shri Narendra Modi Swearing-in for 2024 was held on 9th June 2024, at 07.23 PM, New Delhi. Below is the horoscope casted for the sworn in time,

The ascendant in the swearing-in chart is Scorpio, ruled by Mars, which occupies the 6th house (its own house) and is aspected by Saturn. In mundane astrology, the first house denotes general affairs, public health, and the condition of the cabinet. Although the ascendant lord is afflicted by Saturn, the ascendant itself receives benefic aspects from Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus. Additionally, it is aspected by the 4th lord, Saturn, from its own house. This suggests a strong cabinet during this tenure.

The 2nd house, which represents the country's revenue, wealth of the people, and commercial transactions, is unoccupied and not aspected by any planet. However, the 2nd lord Jupiter is positioned in the 7th house alongside Mercury, Venus, and the Sun, indicating that the country's economy will move in a positive direction.

The 5th house, which governs the mentality of the ruler, crime, and places of amusement, is occupied by Rahu and is hemmed between Mars and Saturn—a challenging combination. Narendra Modi is known for his aggressive leadership and decisive actions, and this third term is likely to continue in a similar manner.

The 6th house, which signifies public health, territorial defense, and naval forces, is occupied by Mars and aspected by Saturn. This suggests that the country should strengthen its naval defenses and be prepared for potential threats from neighboring countries, possibly responding forcefully. Public health remains a concern, necessitating vigilant efforts to maintain hygienic conditions.

The 7th house, denoting foreign relations, war, and women's health, is positively influenced by three benefic planets—Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus—as well as the Sun. Consequently, foreign relations are likely to flourish, and India will continue to be an influential power on the global stage. Improvements in foreign policy for the country's betterment are anticipated.

The 9th house, representing religious places, judicial courts, law, and righteousness, is occupied by its lord, the Moon, and aspected by Mars without any other afflictions. This suggests that while the people may hold strong religious sentiments, major religious conflicts are unlikely. The judicial system may see refinements, upholding justice effectively.

The 10th house, which denotes the ruler, parliament, foreign trade, and exports, is aspected by Saturn from its own house. This implies that foreign trade and exports may experience slow and steady growth. The 10th lord, the Sun, is conjoined with three benefic planets, indicating a strong parliament. This period may see new laws and amendments passed with majority support


The swearing-in chart reveals numerous positive factors, indicating a high likelihood of a stable government that will implement significant reforms, even as a coalition. Expect aggressive leadership and potential cross-border tensions, particularly through sea routes. The country's economic growth and foreign relations are also poised to move in a positive direction.


It is essential to recognize that astrology is a science of tendencies, and we must underscore that adopting a fatalistic or deterministic outlook towards horoscopes, whether on a national or individual level, is not appropriate.


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