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Revolutionizing Astrology Predictions: Customized Rahu/Ketu Transit Forecasts by AI Chat Bot

Personalized Rahu Ketu Transit Predictions by Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot
Rahu Ketu Transit AI Predictions

What is Rahu/Ketu Gochara(Transit)

Rahu and Ketu, steeped in mythological narratives, reveal a fascinating scientific facet upon closer inspection. These celestial points are not enigmatic entities but rather imaginary points in space where the orbits of Earth and the Moon intersect. As Earth journeys around the Sun in the ecliptic plane, the Moon, our natural satellite, follows an elliptical orbit, deviating 5 degrees from the ecliptic plane.

At the juncture where Earth's ecliptic plane and the Moon's elliptical orbit intersect, two points emerge — the North node and the South node. Named Rahu and Ketu respectively, these points form the intriguing nodes of the lunar orbit. The line of nodes undergoes a westward rotation of 19.4 degrees annually due to the gravitational influence of the Sun on the Earth-Moon system. Consequently, these nodes realign in space every 18 years.

With the zodiac comprising 12 signs from Aries to Pisces, Rahu and Ketu require approximately 1.5 years to traverse a single zodiac sign. This 1.5-year transition of Rahu/Ketu from one zodiac sign to the next is known as Rahu/Ketu Gochara or Transit.

Impact of Rahu/Ketu Transit on Individuals

An individual's horoscope serves as the intricate blueprint of life events, meticulously crafted using the birth date, time, and place. The planetary transits, including the movement of Rahu and Ketu, subtly influence the trajectory of events outlined in the personal horoscope.

As a guiding principle, when Rahu or Ketu transits through the Upachaya houses (3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses) from the Natal Moon, it tends to yield favorable outcomes. Conversely, if Rahu or Ketu traverses through other houses from the Natal Moon, it is more likely to bring about challenging results, aligning with the specific characteristics associated with each house.

Artificial Intelligence - Transformative Technology To Provide Personalized Predictions

During every Rahu/Ketu transit, the internet becomes inundated with generic predictions. However, for individuals seeking meaningful insights, these general forecasts often fall short as they neglect the nuanced strength of the individual horoscope and the ongoing dasa bukti.

This is precisely where Artificial Intelligence in Astrology proves to be transformative. The Parasara Jyothish Bot seamlessly assimilates individual birth details, constructs a personalized horoscope, considers the ongoing dasa bukti, and factors in the current Rahu/Ketu transit. The result is a tailored transit analysis, akin to the nuanced guidance offered by an experienced astrologer.

Rahu/Ketu Transit Predictions by Artificial Intelligence

Allow me to guide you through a demonstration using the Parasara Jyothish Telegram bot. It's important to note that the functionality of Rahu/Ketu transit predictions is exclusively available in the paid version of the bot and not accessible in the trial version.

For this demonstration, I've chosen the horoscope of Vladimir Putin, the current President of Russia, born on 7th October 1952, at 09:30 AM in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Open Telegram and type @Jyothishgptbot in the search bar. You will be able to locate this bot and select the bot. Once the bot is open click the Start button.

Before proceding for Rahu/Ketu transit analysis, we should first feed the birth details of Vladimir Putin. Please click the menu input_birthdetails as shown below or type /input_birthdetails

Parasara Jyothish Bot - Input Birth Details
Parasara Jyothish Bot - Input Birth Details

After you click the button, the bot will automatically guide further to provide DOB, Time of Birth and Place of birth. After you follow these steps, the horoscope will be saved in the database and the birth chart will be displayed as shown below,

The bot now displayed the Putin's horoscope in the South Indian Style(I have selected so, there is also option to display chart in the North Indian Style).

Now, click the menu and select rahu_transit as shown below or simply type /rahu_transit

The bot beautifully puts the personalized Rahu/Ketu transit predictions for Putin's horoscope as below,

As per Putin's Moon sign(Taurus), currently Rahu is transiting to the 11th house and bot explains this well. Also, Ketu is transiting to the 5th house and bot gives cautious note on the Ketu transit. The most distinguished part is it combines the present dasa bukt in the Putin's chart and provide personalized insights. The predictions looks so close to how an expert astrologer make a holistic predictions.


The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reshape the astrological insights are amazing. Together, let's shape a future that embraces tradition while embracing the innovations of today – a future where AI is not just a tool, but a partner in the timeless voyage of astrological exploration.

Getting access to Parasara Jyothish Bot(Formerly JyothishGPT)

Trail - The Trail version of the Parasara Jyothish Bot is designed to offer you a glimpse of the fusion of Artificial Intelligence with the wisdom of the ages. However, please note that the trial version comes with certain limitations compared to the paid version. Please read the full details in this article.

Paid version - The paid version had a lot many features compared to the trial version and it has no limits on the number of queries that you can ask to a bot. If you are interested in using Parasara Jyothish Bot for your personal use, you can check out the landing page of the Parasara Jyothish Bot.


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