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Success in IAS Exam - Astrological combination for Civil service

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Civil service is considered most prestigious position in the country. IAS officers are the one who work out progressive plan for the country and ministers execute them. Today I am going to discuss on astrological combination for a successful civil servant.

Planets Concerning successful civil servant

Sun : Sun represents government, authority, political power, personal magnetism etc

Moon : Moon represents Strength of mind, public responsibility, popularity, Moral and religious acts etc

Mars : Mars represents Military operation, defense, courage, prowess, Police, Soldiers, engineers etc

Jupiter : Jupiter represents Judges, Ministers, Lawyers, legal affairs, bankers etc.

Bhavas Concerning successful civil servant

3rd house : Civil service exam is considered one of the most difficult competitive exam in the country and 3rd house represents courage, competitive.

6th house : 9th house is Bhagya Sthana, 9th house from 10th house is 6th house. So well placed 6th house & 6th lord will give combination to enjoy government benefits

8th house : 11th house indicate gains. 11th house from 10th house is 8th house. So well placed 8th house indicate gains from Government.

10th house: 10th house rules profession, occupation, temporal honors and success

Practical illustration - T.N.Seshan horoscope analysis

T.N.Seshan Horoscope

T.N.Seshan is retired IAS officer and he earlier served as 18th cabinet secretary of India. He is best known as Chief election commissioner of India who cleaned up election process in India. For the present context I am going to analyze astrological combination in his horoscope that made him successful IAS officer of the country. Please refer this page to know more about T.N. Seshan

3rd house: 3rd lord Saturn well placed in second house aspecting 8th house. Mark the position of 3rd house from Moon, Jupiter & Mars conjunction(10th & 11th lord, from Lagna it is 4th & 5th lord) is excellent combination for success in competitive exam. No doubt T.N.Seshan is top ranker(1995 batch) in civil service exam.

Luminaries: Sun & Moon play major role in producing influencing administrative officers. Mark the position of Sun & Moon. 9th lord Sun is in Lagna and Lagna lord Jupiter in 9th house creating Parivartna Yoga. Sun is powerfully aspected by 8th lord Moon.

6th & 8th house: 6th lord Venus is well placed in 11th house powerfully aspected by Saturn. 10th lord Mercury is in 12th house aspecting 6th house. 8th lord Moon is in 7th house powerfully aspecting Sun in Lagna.

Conclusion: 3rd house is very important for success in competitive exams. Well placed luminaries is key for producing influencing administrative officers.

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