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Creativity and Astrology

Today I am going to talk about creativity in general and astrological combination for creative abilities. Etymologically the word “creativity” comes from the Latin term creo meaning “to create”, hence by definition creativity is the ability to transcend conventional concept, patterns, relationship or the liking to create meaningful novel ideas, form, methods, interpretation. In simple term creativity is act of creating something new to oneself or society. Creativity starts with imagination and later it turn into tangible product (Painting, poetry, inventions etc.) or intangible object (musical composition, scientific theory, idea etc).

There has been always interest from many on how intelligence is different from creativity. Intelligence is classically defined as “the ability to acquire and utilize knowledge”, Intelligent Quotient (IQ) is generally gauged by an ability to interpret information and provide solutions to same or similar problem. However creativity is the ability to create new solution to a problem by connecting information using existing knowledge. Let us see astrological aspect of creativity now.

Planets Concerning Creativity:

Venus: Fine arts, poetry, music, literature involves high level of creativity and Venus rules all these profession. Visualizing a new idea is important for creativity, 2nd house rules visual and Venus is the ruler for the same and hence Venus is the most prominent planet when it comes to creativity.

Mercury: As mentioned earlier minimum IQ is required for understanding problem and to start thinking on new idea (Imagination), in addition communication plays an important role for converting an idea into workable product. Mercury rules Intelligence, communication, research, sculpture, astrology etc.

Moon : Clear thinking and stable mind is required for translating any creative idea into workable solution. Moon rules mind, Intelligence, mother etc.

Houses Concerning creativity:

5th house – Fifth house rules creativity, intelligence, artistic work, children, luck, poorva-punya (past life credit) etc. Venus in the 5th with benefic aspect or Venus being 5th lord and well placed or Connection of Venus with well placed 5th lord will bring in creativity.

9th house: Ninth being 5th from the 5th should also be considered for creative ability and deep understanding of concepts, 9th house rules intuition, grandchildren, religious principles, long journey etc.

Other combinations:

Though Venus and Mercury are important planets for creativity, other benefic combination of planets will decide on which field creativity will be exhibited. For example Mars is the planet for Engineering(Specifically Electrical Engineering), when Mars and Moon have connection with Venus, Mercury and 10th Bhava one will produce creative ideas on Electrical related fields. I will share detailed analysis on creativity in different fields in my next post.

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