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Empowering Your Journey of Investment, Learning, Travel and Decision Making: Artificial Intelligence Astrology Chat Bot's Multifaceted Insights

Astrology AI Bot Giving Auspicious Dates
Astrology AI Bot Giving Auspicious Dates


Muhurtha, a vital facet of Vedic Astrology, underscores the significance of commencing events on auspicious dates and times to amplify the likelihood of success.

Whatever is born or done this moment of time has the qualities of this moment of time - Carl Jung

Harnessing the intricate science of Muhurtha enables individuals to tap into the positive energies of the universe, thereby enhancing the prospects of success in their endeavors. It's a cherished tradition in Indian culture to meticulously seek out auspicious moments for significant milestones. Whether it's launching a business, making strategic investments, solemnizing marriages, or embarking on educational journeys, the selection of an auspicious date and time holds profound importance.

Basics of Panchanga

Panchanga, derived from the Sanskrit words "pancha" meaning "five" and "anga" meaning "limb," is a sacred Hindu calendar and almanac that embodies traditional units of timekeeping. It meticulously tabulates significant dates and their corresponding calculations in a structured format.

The five limbs of Panchanga are as follows:

  1. Thithi: Representing the lunar day, Thithi is calculated based on the variance in longitude between the Sun and the Moon, amounting to 12 degrees.

  2. Vara: Corresponding to the weekdays from Sunday to Saturday.

  3. Nakshatra: Signifying the 27 constellations that adorn the celestial sphere.

  4. Yoga: Reflecting the combined longitudinal motion of the Sun and the Moon, totaling 13 degrees and 20 minutes.

  5. Karana: Denoting half of a lunar day or half of the Thithi.

Astrologers adeptly interpret these five limbs in conjunction with the individual's natal horoscope to discern auspicious dates for various events. While this article delves into the essence of Panchanga, the intricate technicalities involved in calculating auspicious dates are beyond its scope.

Artificial Intelligence - Transformative Technology To Provide Personalized Auspicious Dates

When scouring the internet for auspicious dates, you'll often come across generic details about each day's overall auspiciousness. However, what may appear as a favorable date in the calendar could potentially be unfavorable for you, depending on your individual birth Nakshatra and the Moon's position. Therefore, selecting an auspicious date tailored to your personal horoscope is of paramount importance.

This is precisely where Artificial Intelligence in Astrology proves to be transformative. The Parasara Jyothish Bot seamlessly assimilates individual birth details to construct personalized auspicious dates based on the native's birth horoscope. The result is a meticulously tailored selection of auspicious dates for the chosen event, akin to the nuanced guidance offered by an experienced astrologer.

Personalized Muhurtha By Artificial Intelligence Astrology Chat Bot

Allow me to guide you through a demonstration using the Parasara Jyothish Telegram bot. It's important to note that the functionality of Muhurtha(Finding auspicious dates) is exclusively available in the paid version of the bot and not accessible in the trial version.

For this demonstration, I've chosen the horoscope of Bill Gates, the Founder of Microsoft, born on 28th October 1955, at 08:58 PM in Seattle, USA.

Open Telegram and type @Jyothishgptbot in the search bar. You will be able to locate this bot and select the bot. Once the bot is open click the Start button.

Before proceding for Muhurtha, we should first feed the birth details of Bill Gates. Please click the menu input_birthdetails as shown below or type /input_birthdetails

Parasara Jyothish Bot - Input Birth Details
Parasara Jyothish Bot - Input Birth Details

After you click the button, the bot will automatically guide further to provide DOB, Time of Birth and Place of birth. After you follow these steps, the horoscope will be saved in the database and the birth chart will be displayed as shown below,

The bot now displayed the Bill Gates's horoscope in the South Indian Style(I have selected so, there is also option to display chart in the North Indian Style).

Now, click the menu and select 'muhurtha' as shown below or simply type /muhurtha

The bot will ask you to select the event for which you need a Muhurtha, for this demo I am choosing Business decision as an event

After this step, the bot will guide you with Calendar menu to choose the start date. Once the start date is chosen, the bot will find the auspicious dates for the selected event for the next 7 windows from the start date, and it displays the auspicious dates in the below table format

Now, the AI will analyze these dates and will provide tailored advice as shown below,

The bot calculates the Thara Bala and Chandra Bala according to Bill Gates Moon Sign Pisces and his birth Nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada and provides the personalized auspicious dates for the chosen event. The method looks so close to how an expert astrologer find an Muhurtha by reading the personal horoscope.


The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reshape astrological insights is nothing short of astounding. Let's embark on a journey to shape a future that honors tradition while embracing the innovations of today – a future where AI serves not merely as a tool, but as a trusted partner in the timeless voyage of astrological exploration.

Getting access to Parasara Jyothish Bot(Formerly JyothishGPT)

Trail - The Trail version of the Parasara Jyothish Bot is designed to offer you a glimpse of the fusion of Artificial Intelligence with the wisdom of the ages. However, please note that the trial version comes with certain limitations compared to the paid version. Please read the full details in this article.

Paid version - The paid version had a lot many features compared to the trial version and it has no limits on the number of queries that you can ask to a bot. If you are interested in using Parasara Jyothish Bot for your personal use, you can check out the landing page of the Parasara Jyothish Bot.


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