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Creativity in Space science - Albert Einstein

In my previous post I gave an overview on what is creativity and astrological combinations for the same. From now on I am going to talk about astrological combination for creativity in different fields. To start with, today I am going to analyse and discuss Albert Einstein horoscope.

About Einstein

Einstein is well known physicists, scientist, philosopher, good violinist. His contribution to space science and modern physics are phenomenal. Einstein is best known for his popular mass energy equivalence E=mc2 which is world famous equation. For the present topic of interest I am going to analyze the planetary combination that represents creativity in Einstein horoscope and I would recommend to go through this link to know more about Albert Einstein.

Einstein Horoscope Analysis

Birth details : Born on 14th March 1879 11.30 AM(LMT), Kingdom of Wurttemberg

Planets and house concerning creativity in Einstein horoscope,

10th house - Representing Career, profession. Its lord Jupiter known to be Gnanakaraka(Wisdom)

5th house - Representing creativity, Its lord Venus who happens to be natural planet for creativity

9th house - Also represents creativity and deep understanding of concepts. Its lord in this horoscope is Saturn.

What made Einstein a breakthrough scientist

Now let's deep dive into the horoscope - Gemini being rising sign its lord Mercury(Planet of intellect)is debilitated in 10th house(house representing career) but it is cancelled by Venus(Planet representing Creativity) and creates Neecha bhanga raja yoga. In addition to this 9th lord(deep understanding of concepts) Saturn and 3rd lord Sun occupying 10 house(Sun in 10th house gains dig bala) adds enormous strength to the 10 house. Also Jupiter and Moon in Kendra creates Gajakesari Yoga. Powerful yoga formation in relation to 9th and 10th house made him breakthrough scientist of all time

Deep understanding of Space

Conjunction of 5th lord(house representing creativity)Venus(Planet for creativity) and 9th lord(house representing deep understanding) Saturn(generally represents space or dark area) clearly shows that he had deep understanding of space and he could able to figure out general theory of relativity which happen to be a breakthrough invention of the time. 9th lord Saturn in 10th house and 10th lord Jupiter in 9th house creates Parivarthana Yoga and Jupiter occupying 9th house are the primary reason for his philosophical inclination.

Important events

Venus dasa was running from 1886 to 1916. Venus being most powerful planet in the horoscope most of the breakthrough invention like Mass energy equation(1905), photon energy quanta(1905), wave particle duality(1906), General relativity(1907), Gravitational waves(1916) were happened in Venus dasa. Sun in 10th with other powerful combination get him Nobel prize during Sun dasa(1921)


To summarize, 5th house its lord venus, 9th house its lord Saturn, Jupiter in 9th house, Sun in 10th house, Neecha bhanga raja yoga, Gajakesari yoga, Parivarthana Yoga made him a breakthrough scientist of all time. Will talk about creativity in one of the other field in my next post. Feel free post your comments.

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