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Foreign Travel and Settlement in Astrology

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

A person can travel aboard for many reasons like, for studies, for occupation, for a medical treatment, for a spiritual learning, for a political meet. But today as most of the industry started operating on an international scale, travelling aboard on official business has become common. Long ago a person leaving mother land is considered to be most challenging as they will be isolated from family. But with advent of technology, today a person can enjoy foreign travel without missing their connection with family.

Astrological combination for Foreign travel

Bhavas Concerning Foreign Travel

Third house : 3rd house represents short journey, 3rd house is 12th from 4th house

Fourth house: 4th house represents mother land or birth place of the native. Well placed 4th house indicates the native will prosper in mother land. Also 4th house represents education.

Seventh house: 7th house represents travel

Ninth house: 9th house represents long journey, well placed 9th house indicates the person will prosper in foreign land. 9th house also represents spiritual learning.

Tenth house: 10th house represents occupation, 10th house having relation with 9th or 3rd or 12th house represents that native will travel aboard for occupation.

Twelfth house: 12th house is 12th from Lagna and 12th house is 9th from 4th house which represents that native will leave mother land.

Lagna or first house: Lagna indicates the native, Lagna lord in any of the houses above indicates that native will travel abroad.

Planets Concerning Foreign Travel

Jupiter: Jupiter is natural lord of 9th and 12th house. Jupiter being 9th lord/12th lord/3rd lord or Jupiter occupying/aspecting 9th house/12th house/3rd house indicates foreign travel

Rahu: Rahu represents foreigners and foreign countries. Rahu in 9th house/12th house/3rd house or Rahu aspecting above houses indicates that native will live with foreigners

Timing of fructification of foreign travel

Based on above combination, the native will have travel during Mahadasha or Bukti of

1. 3rd lord or planets in association with 3rd lord or 3rd house

2. 9th lord or planets in association with 9th lord or 9th house

3. 12th lord or planets in association with 12th lord or 12th house

4. Jupiter Mahadasha or Bukti

5. Rahu Mahadasha or Bukti

Illustration with Albert Einstein Horoscope

Einstein is well known physicists, scientist, philosopher, good violinist. His contribution to space science and modern physics are phenomenal. Einstein is best known for his popular mass energy equivalence E=mc2 which is world famous equation. For the present topic of interest I am going to analyze the planetary combination that represents foreign travel and settlement in Einstein horoscope and I would recommend to go through this link to know more about Albert Einstein.

3rd house : 3rd lord Sun in 10th house with 9th lord Saturn and 12th lord Venus. 3rd house is aspected by 10th lord Jupiter from 9th house.

4th house : 4th lord Mercury debilitated in 10th house, is clear indication that native will not prosper in mother land.

7th house : 7th lord Jupiter is well placed in 9th house

9th house: 9th house is occupied by 7th lord Jupiter and 9th lord is well placed in 10th house with 3rd lord Sun, 4th lord Mercury and 5th &12th lord Venus exalted. Strong 9th house and 9th lord indicates that native will prosper in foreign country, Einstein become american citizen in 1940.

12th house: 12th lord Venus exalted in 10th house with 9th lord Saturn and 3rd lord Sun.

Einstein had his first time travel to US in 1921 during Venus Mahadasha and become american citizen in Rahu Mahadahsa(1940)

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