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Will I get government job? Astrological combination for government service

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Government job is always regarded high in our society. In recent times youngster shows greater interest in securing government job as private jobs are unstable with varying US economy. Today I am going to analyze planetary combination indicating a person to serve the government. An ordinary worker in government office and prime minister serving the nation, both are government servant. But the planetary influence and specific Raja yoga in the horoscope will give varying result. Will illustrate this with 2 example horoscope, one the government servant and the other former prime minister of India.

Planets Concerning Government

Sun : Sun represents government, authority, political power, personal magnetism etc

Moon : Moon represents Strength of mind, public responsibility, popularity, Moral and religious acts etc

Mars : Mars represents Military operation, defense, courage, prowess, Police, Soldiers, engineers etc

Jupiter : Jupiter represents Judges, Ministers, Lawyers, legal affairs, bankers etc.

Bhavas Concerning Government

6th house : 9th house is Bhagya Sthana, 9th house from 10th house is 6th house. So well placed 6th house & 6th lord will give combination to enjoy government job.

8th house : 11th house indicate gains. 11th house from 10th house is 8th house. So well placed 8th house indicate gains from Government.

Illustration 1 - Government servant in Indian Railways

Government Service - Sample horoscope

The above horoscope belongs to a government servant worked for Indian Railways. Sun is exalted in Lagna with 2nd lord Venus and 6th lord Mercury. 8th lord Mars occupies 2nd house(Income) aspecting 8th house. 8th house is occupied by 4th lord(Vehicle) Moon and Saturn(10th lord) powerfully aspected by Mars indicates career in Government vehicle.

Illustration 2 - Former Prime Minister of India

Manmohan Singh Horoscope

The above chart is horoscope of Dr.Manmohan Singh, former prime minster of India. 10th lord Mercury exalted in 10th house with 9th lord Sun. Mark the position of 8th house, 8th lord Moon in 8th house with Mars and 6th lord Venus aspecting 2nd house(Income). Mars and Moon conjunction creates Chandra Mangala Yoga. 10th lord occupied by exalted Mercury creates Bhadra Yoga and Amala Yoga.

Conclusion : From the above examples it is evident that Well placed 8th house & 6th house with 2nd lord, 10th lord & 11th lord influencing 8th or 6th house with planetary combination of Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter will raise to government service.

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