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What is Astrology? What it is not?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

If you are reading this page, you will most likely be familiar with astrology and its purpose. It is equally important to know what astrology is not, so that you will not set any limiting beliefs in your life.

What is Astrology?

Earth is under influence of numerous heavenly bodies, especially the planets nearer to the earth has greater influence on the earth. As humans live on earth it is logical to conclude that humans are influenced by planets. At a high level, the astrology is the study of planetary influence on human life. Please read this article for more details about planetary influence on human.

Astrology is a wonderful tool of interpretation

While casting the horoscope, the planetary positions are carefully marked based on the time of the birth of the person. Each planet and zodiac signs have specific characteristics, according to the planetary placement in a particular sign the astrologer would interpret the possible life events and timings for an individual.

Astrology is like modern GPS

Seeking astrological guidance will help you to take empowering decisions in your life. You can accelerate when good time is indicated and can play safe when bad time is indicated. It is similar to using modern GPS system in your vehicle, a person who uses GPS system should be able to reach the destination with less confusion.

Astrology is a self-retrospection tool

Astrology and Karma are inseparable. The Man’s present existence is a mere repetition of his previous existence, his present existence beautifully connects the past with the future. In his every birth, he carries one step forward and until finish the end goal. The Karma is a big topic by itself, please go over my blog post on karma for deeper understanding.

For the present topic of interest, let us understand the correlation between astrology and Karma. The planetary set up during our birth(which in turn decided by our past karma) decides our environment, our parents and social set up. Thus with an astrological guidance one can understand inherit strength, weakness and limitations in the present birth.

So far I have discussed what is astrology and how it can be helpful in making wise decisions in life. Further, let me talk about what astrology is not.

Astrology is not fate

Many fatalist astrologer may tell you that life is all about fate, on other hand many so called positive thinkers propaganda that there is no fate and life is full of free will. But the nature is mix of fate and free will. The gravity is fate, but all the invention against gravity including space shuttle are developed because of human free will. The astrology simply indicates what is likely to happen according to the planetary set up at birth. One can augment or lessen the effect with will power.

Astrology is not a tool of escapism

Astrology never intend to be a subject of escapism. Astrology is a wonderful tool to find good and bad times in life well in advance so that you can exercise more free will to face the challenges. Always take astrological guidance with right spirit and take responsibility of your own life. Thinking someone else in the world can solve your problem is no more than ignorance. Even if someone does it, it may not be permanent.

Astrology is not just a predictive tool

Astrology is not just a predictive tool but rather it gives guidance to live a sensible life. If your horoscope shows some affliction to particular bhava then it is clear indication that you need to work on those areas for betterment. Taking astrological guidance with right spirit will help you take empowering decisions everyday and lead a fulfilling life.

Astrology is not focused on remedies

Many still believe that astrology and remedies are inseparable. As mentioned earlier, the planetary set up in the horoscope is due to our own past karma. If I am the one who created past karma then it is evident that I am the one who can alter it through conscious actions. Remedies are just a way to remove psychological impediments. Please read my blog post to understand the psychology behind remedies and rituals.

Astrology is not a short cut tool

Astrology is not a short cut tool to achieve higher material success in life. Often times people consider material success is the ultimate purpose of this life, and assume astrology is a short cut tool to achieve material success. But in reality, astrology shows the way to exercise more consciousness.

Astrology is not a curative tool

The astrology is not a curative tool to remove all disease and displeasure of life. Astrology neither cures physical illness nor mental illness. Some astrologers may practice as healers, but astrology is not a curative tool. Astrological guidance can help you to know what are the possible illness and troubling periods. Taking proper medical assistance during those times would reduce the damage.

Astrology is not a science

There are two sections in astrology, first mapping the planetary positions with respect to time of birth(which is called horoscope) and secondly predicting life events based on the planetary placements. The former is mathematics and later is an art. Art is different from science, similar to how an artist will have his own perspective in his creation every astrologer may have a different perspective for the same horoscope. Hence predictive astrology can never be a science, but one of the highest form of art.

Astrology is not a magic or mantra or tantra

Many still believe that astrology is magic, and astrologers are super humans which is far from the truth. Though astrologers use intuition at times to arrive at the conclusion, the predictive techniques are rational and logical.

Astrology is not a tool to defeat your enemies

Some astrologers may also practice tantric, black magic, etc. But astrology as a subject has no connection with mantra or tantra. People many time assume that they can defeat enemies through black magic, mantra, and tantra, but one should understand that the negative energy goes from you will come back to you. Hence, always use astrological guidance to achieve a positive impact in your life.

Astrology is not a limiting tool

Astrology is not a limiting tool to achieve your dreams. Astrology is just a tool to find your inherent nature, it doesn’t stop you to grow further. I have seen so many people who grew to great heights in career but feel frustrated, stressed and unhappy. So it is not about achieving the goal, its all about finding a goal that is aligned with your core purpose. Any goal linked with passion will never fail, whatsoever. If you have a clear purpose, no one can stop you including your past karma. When your passion is not indicated in your horoscope, it simply means that you need to create new karma with consciousness.


After reading this post, if you are able to get clarity on what astrology is not and able to use astrological guidance to take empowering decisions in your life then my purpose is met.

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