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Do you have signs of depression? What combinations in the birth chart can give a hint about depressi

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Modern lifestyle and social conditions have created depression among many.

"Statistics say that nearly 7% American adults are depressed and 5.25% Indian adults are in depression".

Source: National Institute of Mental health

Depression is the root cause to many modern diseases. The body and mind will be working conjointly. The illness in the body can create negative state of mind and unpleasant feelings will in-turn worse the health. For the present topic of interest I discussing about astrological combination for depression, you can refer my book for the astrological combinations for a bunch of modern diseases.

Signs of depression

Before going into the astrological combinations for depression or anxiety, let me explain what are the signs of depression,

  • Mind not in the present state, constantly thinking about a past event(s).

  • Unable to socialize with close friends and family members.

  • Becoming less attentive, unable to notice the happenings around you.

  • Discontinue social gathering or not going out

Depression Vs anxiety

Depression is caused when a person constantly rewinding past experience(usually negative experience) in his mind, whereas anxiety is created when a person constantly thinking of an unpleasant future. Following are the signs of anxiety,

  • Mind not in the present state, constant fear about the future.

  • Becoming over-cautious in every action.

  • Losing the trust of closed ones.

  • Unable to take decisions in life

Astrological combinations for depression/anxiety

The Moon is the karaka for the mind, the weak Moon conjoined with Rahu/Ketu can create a high level of negative emotions. Such a combination will make a person view life incidents with magnifying glasses. Even a small incident will create a big negative image in their mind’s eye.

The Moon afflicted by other malefics like Mars or Saturn will also create temporary negative emotions.

Astrological indication of overcoming depression

Firstly, the dasha/bukti of Rahu or Ketu or Saturn or Moon will be the triggering periods of negative emotions. Secondly, if either weak Moon or Lagna lord is aspected by Jupiter then the native will overcome the negative emotions in a short period of time.

Some practical solutions

  • First be aware of the reason for the depression, what thought occupies most of your day? If it is a past event, then you don’t have control to go back and change it.

  • If the negative emotion is about an unpleasant future, then make conscious effort alter your perception and state. You might be thinking about the worst-case scenario. Change your perception and make it a practice to visualize the best case scenario.

  • For some period of time, your mind will try to go to comfort zone(since your mind trained to be in depression, that will be a comfort zone for now) but you have to consciously pull back to present.

  • After some consistent effort, you can completely come out of depression or anxiety problems.

  • If you are unable to do the above steps by yourself, then it is good to connect with a trained counselor or a life coach

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