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How can we find a liar without a lie detector?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

A polygraph, popularly referred to as a lie detector test, is a device or procedure that measures and records several physiological indicators to find whether a person tells truth while a person is asked series of questions. This is popularly used in police interrogation to assess the veracity of suspects and witnesses, and to monitor criminal offenders on probation.

More than 80% of the fortune 500 companies uses psychometric test during recruitment process to understand the behavioral style of the candidate, especially to find the morality of the candidate. The horoscope if rightly interpreted can give far more accurate result of candidate morality. Let me explain the astrological indication that tell you whether a person is a liar or an honest person.

Astrological rule of morality

In Astrology, the ascendant(1st house) represents self, the 2nd house rules speech and communication, the 10th house rules conduct. The benefic planet influencing these houses would indicate that a person will hold high morals and lead a life with honesty. The malefics influencing these house indicates compromising moral values.

The Jupiter is the divine planet, Jupiter influencing Lagna or Lagna lord would indicate honesty and wise behaviors. The Jupiter or other benefic influencing 2nd house would indicate spending through wise means and benevolent speech. When Langa lord and 2nd lord become weak and 2nd house is influenced by malefics then native may become a liar and spend money in injudicious means.

The Moon is karaka for the mind, when Moon becomes weak in addition to weak Lagna lord and if influenced by malefic lord or Rahu/Ketu then persons moral will be in question. Based on the other weak bhava, the native may exhibit immoral behavior in those areas. For example, if the 2nd bhava is weak then it indicates injudicious spending, if 7th house or Venus becomes weak and afflicted then it indicates illicit behavior with opposite sex.


If astrological guidance is properly used, it can do a splendid job in many areas. I hope this articles clarifies what this divine science can do in recruitment process and interrogation. Feel free to post your views in the comment section.

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