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Why there is a confusion among astrologers regarding which house denotes father?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Although ancient astrological text says that 9th house rules father there are many debates among astrologers why not 10th house rules father. In astrology, the 4th house rules mother and the 7th house rules spouse. From a logical standpoint, the father is spouse of mother and hence many modern astrologer conclude that 10th house(which is 7th house from 4th house) denotes father. To understand the subject like astrology, a good philosophical knowledge is must for an astrologer and this post intend to provide some deep philosophical insight regarding this controversy.

A deep astrological insight

It may sound logical to conclude 10th house for father but If you understand the grand plan of Karma, you will be able to understand why 9th house rules father in astrology. The astrology and Karma are inseparable, without Karma no one can justify the disparities in human life. The Man’s present existence is a mere repetition of his previous existence, his present existence beautifully connects the past with the future.

In his every birth, he carries one step forward and until finish the end goal. With this background is set, one must understand that our birth is linked with the past(the father) and also the future(our children). The mother is the mediator here.

When we talk about karma many think that karma only operates at an individual level which is not the complete story. The Karma operates at both individual and global level. In astrology, the Trine house would give a summary of your Karma. The first house represents self, the 5th house refers children and the 9th house refers father.

The 5th house is also considered as purva punya(past life credits), if 5th house rules only children(ie; future) then why it called Purva punya? The Lagna is present life, the 9th houses from the Lagna is your past(9th house), the 9th house from there is your future(5th house is 9th house from 9th house). Hence the Lagna is pivotal in connecting the past and the future.

You may hear wise people saying that the good or bad deeds done by you will affect your next generation. This is primarily through the cycle of the karmic chain. As per the karma of father, he chooses to marry the right woman and she gives birth to a child to execute the plan of karma. This cycle continues until the attainment of the goal. If you closely watch, the collective karma in a family will sum up to the karma of all the people in the world to a single entity. I hope this clarifies the importance of understanding the karma while studying astrology.

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