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Common Astrological patterns in the horoscope of Nehru, Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, and Lee Kuan Yew

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The prime ministers are elected by the people and they work for the welfare of the people. They are responsible of strengthening the security of the country, improving Nations foreign affair and keeping economy in good state. Let us see the astrological combinations that would make one a minister of a state or a country.

Key houses and planet for Ministers

  • In astrology, the tenth house indicates authority and position.

  • The strong 6th and 8th house are important for working in the government.

  • The relationship between 9th lord and the 10th lord would give authority.

  • The Sun and Moon are the administrative planets.

  • The Mars is the planet of leadership, and Jupiter rules ministers.

  • Rahu in Upachaya House would indicate fame and success in politics

It should be noted that an office assistant in a government office would have only limited authority where as a state Minister have more authority in his role. The powerful placement of political planet and the Raja yogas will play a crucial role in the horoscope of ministers. Let us see few example horoscopes to understand this.

Horoscope of Jawaharlal Nehru

Nehru is the central figure in Indian politics before and after independence, he was the first prime minister of India. He is the primary contributor to many social, economic and political reforms after independence. He was primarily focused on strengthening the younger generation of India, and because of that, his birthday is celebrated as children day.

Here is the birth details of Nehru and his horoscope: Birth details : Born on 14th Nov 1889, 11.30 PM(LMT) Lat : 250 26’ North, Long : 810 54’ East, GMT + 05.30

The ascendent as well as Moon sign both are cancer, the sign of great leaders. The tenth Lord Mars occupies 3rd house, which is the house of courage and aspecting the 10th house itself. The 6th lord Jupiter, which rules ministers occupy it's own house and aspects the 10th house. The 8th lord Saturn occupies the 2nd house and aspects 8th house as well as 11th house.

The 10th house is aspected by three benefics Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. So totally the 10th house is aspected by 4 planets, the 10th lord Mars itself, and three benefics Mercury, Venus and Jupiter making the 10th house very strong in the horoscope. Also, 3 benefics Mercury, Venus and Moon occupies own house in the horoscope. The 6 planets occupy six consecutive houses which rise to Damini yoga making the horoscope very strong and giving political success. Nehru become prime minister immediately after the independence of India, In 15th August, 1947 during his Moon Mahadasha, Sun bukti. He continued as prime minister during Mars Mahadasha and part Rahu Mahadasha before his death.

Horoscope of John F. Kennedy

Kennedy is the 35th president of the United States. He was famous for the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban missile crisis in his short tenure. He was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963, within 3 years of his presidential role.

Here is the birth details of Kennedy and his horoscope: Birth details : Born on 29th May 1917, 03.00 PM(LMT) Lat : 420 19’ North, Long : 710 05’ West, GMT + 04.00

The ascendent is Virgo, the ascendent lord mercury occupies 8th house with 8th lord Mars aspecting the 2nd house. The 6th lord Saturn occupies the 11th house, which is Upachaya House and the tenth house is occupied by Ketu. Mark, the position of ninth house in this horoscope, the administrative planet Sun, the planet of ministers Jupiter and the 9th lord Venus. Most importantly, this conjunction happens tenth house from the Moon sign.

It should be noted that in this horoscope, the bhava bala of the moon sign(Leo) is very high. So the conjunction of administrative planets Sun, the planet minister of Jupiter and the 10th lord Venus from Moon in the 10th house is a crucial combination for his political success. John F. Kennedy became president in 1961 during a Rahu mahadasha, Moon bukti and he was assassinated during Jupiter mahadasha, Jupiter bukti. There are many evident combination of unnatural death in this horoscope, I am leaving it to you for analysis.

Horoscope of Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher served as a prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990. She was the longest serving British prime minister and the first woman to hold that office. She was referred as iron lady for uncompromising politics and leadership style.

Here is the birth details of Margaret Thatcher and her horoscope: Birth details : Born on 13th Oct 1925, 09.00 AM(LMT) Lat : 520 52’ North, Long : 00 38’ East, GMT + 00.00

The ascendent is Libra, the ascendant Lord Venus occupies the 2nd house without any affliction and aspects the 8th house. The Yoga karaka Saturn exalted in ascendent with the 9th lord Mercury. The 10th Lord Moon, who is the lord of public relationship, occupies 11th house aspected by Jupiter. Mark the position of Rahu in the 10th house a powerful placement for political success, the 6th lord Jupiter occupies 3rd house(its own house) which is the House of Courage, aspected by Yoga karaka Saturn and the leadership planet Mars. The Jupiter also aspects the 10th lord Moon.

The administrative planet Sun occupies 12th house however, from Moon sign occupies second house with yoga karaka Mars. In summary, in this horoscope the 10th house is occupied by powerful Rahu aspected by yogakaraka Saturn and 11th house occupied by the 10th lord Moon aspected by Jupiter, are key the combinations for success in politics. She became prime minister in 1979 during the Rahu mahadasha, Saturn Bukti and she served as a prime minister throughout Rahu mahadasha.

Horoscope of Lee Kuan Yew

Lee was a Singaporean politician and the first prime minister of Singapore. Lee rapidly transformed Singapore from a third world country to the first world country within a single generation, with his profound leadership and hence lee is recognized as the founding father of Singapore.

Here is the birth details of Lee and his horoscope: Birth details : Born on 16th Sept 1923, 09.07 AM(LMT) Lat : 010 15’ North, Long : 1030 49’ East, GMT + 08.00

The ascendant is Libra, the ascendent lord Venus is gets debilitated in the 12th house however gets cancellation due to exaltation of Mercury. The 6th lord Jupiter, who represents ministers, occupies the ascendant. Mark the position of administrative planets Sun, the leadership planet Mars and Rahu in the 11th house. Three important planets in the 11th house(upachaya house) increases the strength of this horoscope.

The 10th lord Moon debilitated in the 2nd house aspected by yogakaraka Saturn. But mark the position of three key planets in the 10thhouse from the moon, the administrative planet Sun, the leadership planet Mars and the Rahu. This is a key combination for his political success. Lee became the prime minister in 1959 during Venus mahadasha, Venus Bukti. He continued in this position during the Sun mahadasha and as well as the Moon mahadasha.

Summary of planetary combinations for Ministers

  • The strong sixth house and eighth house are very important for working in the government

  • The relationship between the 9th lord and 10th lord would give authority

  • The Sun and Moon are administrative planets.

  • Jupiter is the planet of ministers, and Rahu in the Upachaya House would indicate fame and success in politics

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