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Discover Your Celestial Blueprint with Parasara Jyothish Bot V2.0, GPT-3 powered Astrology Chat Bot

Updated: Aug 7, 2023


Parasara Jyothish Bot(Formerly JyothishGPT) is the first GPT-powered and Artificial Intelligence (AI) trained Vedic Astrology Chatbot. This AI-trained bot can help you learn the fundamentals of Vedic astrology. If you ask basic queries about Vedic Astrology, the bot will reply to you instantly with answers. For more details about how this bot is developed and how to use it for asking basic queries, you can check out this article.

Parasara Jyothish V2.0

Parasara Jyothish V2.0 is the most anticipated release from the users of this bot. With this new version, the bot is capable of analyzing the horoscope for the provided birth inputs. With Parasara Jyothish V2.0 make personalized horoscope predictions at your fingertips. Without wasting much time, let us see how to provide the birth inputs

Providing Birth Inputs to Parasara Jyothish Bot V2.0

You should provide the birth details to Parasara Jyothish Bot in a particular format. Below is the format of the birth input.

#b, YYYY, MM, DD, HH:MM, Place

For example, if you want to provide the birth details of a person born on 20th November 2000 at 6:30 PM in Mumbai then you should input like below

#b, 2000, 11, 20, 18:30, Mumbai

Rajinikanth's Horoscope Input

Rajinikanth is a South Indian actor and he is fondly called Super Star. Let me take the birth details of Rajinikanth and feed them into this bot. For the demo purpose, I am going to use Parasara Jyothish Telegram Bot. If you want to get access to the Parasara Jyothish Telegram bot, please check this page.

Rajinikanth was born on 12th December 1950 at 11:49 PM in Bangalore. These birth details should be provided to the bot in the following format

#b, 1950, 12, 12, 23:49, Bangalore

After taking this input, the Bot paraphrase the birth details like below,

To confirm the details we should type #y, in case if the birth details are wrong we need to re-enter details in the same format as above

After I type #y, I receive the below message from the bot,

Now, the horoscope is saved successfully in the database. Please note that the horoscope will not be shown in the chat window however the Rashi chart will be securely saved in the database.

Asking Queries to the Bot

After the horoscope is saved successfully, we can ask queries to the bot pertaining to the saved horoscope. In order to ask the query, we should follow the below format

#h, Your query

Ex: #h, How will be my health?

Now, let us ask a few questions pertaining to Rajinikant's horoscope and see how the Bot responds to it.

First let me ask, what is the best suitable career for Rajinikanth according to his horoscope.

It has given the above answer explaining the planetary combinations in his chart. The bot has suggested careers in writing, journalism, advertising, entertainment and engineering. Out of these options, the entertainment is perfectly suited for Rajinikanth.

Astrological guidance should always be used along with our interests. It is when the natural interest meets the astrological indication, excellency happens.

Shri. Rajinikanth was very interested in acting, and he was pursuing an acting course in a film institute and that is when he was picked for acting in a movie. So, let us ask the next question like this "#h, I am interested in acting. Will I become a successful actor in Jupiter Mahadasha?"

The bot said it correctly that the Jupiter Mahadasa will be favourable for his acting career. In fact, Shri. Rajinikanth was raised to stardom during his Jupiter Mahadasha.

Let me ask another question "#h, between Jupiter and Saturn Mahadasha which one will be better for my acting career?"

The bot has replied that both Jupiter and Saturn Mahadasa will be favourable for his acting career. Indeed this is correct, he became a superstar during Jupiter Mahadasha and he continued to give block blusters during Saturn Mahadasha as well.

Let me ask another question regarding his health, as far I know during his Saturn Mahadasha Mars bukti he got admitted to the hospital due to digestive issues. Hence, let me ask this question

"#h, Should I be careful about any particular diseases during my Saturn Mahadasha and Mars bukti?"

The above reply from the bot is spot on. The bot pointed out that he may get issues related to the digestive system. It has also mentioned that he may get issues related to teeth, mouth and face.


The Parasara Jyothish Bot is pretty much accurate in terms of predictions, especially if the query is to the point. For very generic questions, the bot gives very high-level predictions. So, it is evident that the if the query is more relevant, the answer is also candid. Occasionally, it gave planetary combinations wrongly but overall accuracy looks to be good.

Getting access to Parasara Jyothish Bot

If you are interested in using JyothishGPT for your personal use, you can check out the landing page of the Parasara Jyothish Bot.


Parasara Jyothish Bot provides responses to user queries based on the trained data. Although it has the capability to analyze a horoscope, it should never be taken as personal advice. Parasara Jyothish Bot can be your best Astrology personal assistance but it can never be a personal guide.


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