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The Intricacy of Parivartana Yoga: A Hidden Multiverse

One of the most interesting and strongest yogas you will ever encounter in the fabulous journey of Vedic astrology is the famous Parivartana yoga. Parivartana yoga is formed in a native’s chart when two house lords exchange houses. This exchange creates extreme co-dependence between the houses involved and the houses become strongly intertwined. It can be tempting to believe this yoga is beneficial because of the co-dependence but it is not necessarily a benefic one. The nature of this yoga is highly dependent on the lordship of the planets involved. To drive this point home, I will list a few examples to show this yoga’s strength and nature.

A Parivartana between the 9th and 10th lords create a powerful Raja yoga because the exchange of house lords involves a trikona lord (9th lord) and a kendra lord (10th lord). This is a very auspicious yoga, and the native will gain enormous political success and be highly intelligent. Albert Einstein benefited of this exact yoga to become the most brilliant scientist of all times despite having a debilitated mercury in his chart. On the other hand, a Parivartana between dusthana lords can be highly detrimental to a native’s life. 8th and 12th lords parivartana for instance can guarantee extreme struggles and losses in all aspects of life. 2nd and 12th lords Parivartana can permanently separate a native from their family at some point in their life and can constantly fluctuate their income streams. (Note: 2nd lord is not a dusthana lord. Only 6th, 8th and 12th lords are dusthana lords).

In my research in astrology, I recently discovered the formation of higher order Parivartana yogas. This yoga can be highly powerful, and, in this article, we will observe the impact that each level of Parivartana can have in a native’s life. Please note that the combinations we examine in this article are not the only combinations that produce a given result.

3rd level Parivartana

In Dr. B.V. Raman’s chart, we can observe the 3rd level Parivartana yoga formed between Moon, Sun and Venus. This yoga is formed due to the closed loop these 3 planets form: Moon is in Venus’ house, Venus is in Sun’s house and Sun is in turn is in Moon’s house. From the Ascendant, this exchange would be between 4th lord Venus, 6th lord Moon and 7th lord Sun. This yoga shows a tremendous sense of mind when communicating to their competitors. This will give strength to educate their art by communication and attract people into their ideology. Dr. BV Raman had a tremendous mind presence, and this yoga is highly responsible for his knowledge transmission to everyone around the world. From the Chandra Lagna, this exchange would be between Lagna lord Venus, 3rd lord Moon and 4th lord Sun. This reflects a highly creative and learnt native.

In J. Jayalalitha’s chart, we can also observe the 3rd level Parivartana yoga formed between Moon, Sun, and Saturn. From the Chandra Lagna, we can see why she never got married. This exchange would be between Lagna lord Sun, 7th lord Saturn and 12th lord Moon which shows that due to her enormous political power, she gets detached from the concept of marriage. 12th lord is detaching herself (Lagna lord) from marriage (7th lord).

4th level Parivartana

In Steve Jobs’ chart, the 4th level Parivartana yoga occurs between Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury. We can easily guess this yoga will be highly auspicious because it involves 3 natural benefic planets and exalted Saturn. From the Ascendant, this involves 3rd lord Venus, 5th lord Jupiter, 6th lord Saturn and 11th lord Mercury. Due to high level of creativity and intelligence, this yoga will give rise to extreme materialistic gains and edge over competitors. This is a very powerful Dhana yoga. Steve Jobs founded Apple Inc. and it is now one of the greatest innovative technological companies in the world. From the Chandra Lagna, this involves 4th lord Mercury, 8th lord Venus, 10th lord Jupiter and 11th lord Saturn. This again shows sudden gains in wealth and luxury due to knowledge and work.

In A.R. Rahman’s chart, the 4th level Parivartana yoga involves Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Moon. This is truly an incredible formation. With higher order Parivartana yoga, Gajakesari yoga is also formed between exalted Jupiter and moon which uplifts the Parivartana yoga even further. From the Ascendant, this yoga is between 2nd lord Saturn, 4th lord Jupiter, 8th lord Moon, 11th lord Venus. This yoga will enable enormous amounts of knowledge and creativity through emotions and expressions which will create huge and sudden wealth. From the Chandra Lagna, this yoga would involve Lagna lord Venus, 4th lord Saturn, 6th lord Jupiter and 10th lord Moon. This formation shows a native with fierce mental strength with expressive abilities to compete at work. A.R. Rahman is the only Indian music director with Oscar awards under his belt.

5th level Parivartana

This chart belongs to a female native. Native’s identity is kept private to protect her privacy. She lost her husband in her twenties and her son was recently injured in a terrible accident which resulted in multiple non-functioning body parts and is on life support. Native lost heavy amounts of money, peace of mind, health, and sleep while taking care of her son. She doesn’t want to pull the plug on her son, and she is constantly debating on whether there is still hope for her son’s life. In her chart, there is a 5th level Parivartana yoga between Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Moon. From the Ascendant, this yoga involves 2nd lord Saturn, 5th lord Mars, 6th lord Venus, 7th lord Mercury, and 8th lord Moon. This yoga has is composed of 2 dusthana lords (6th and 8th lords) and we can see how health issues (6th lord) and longevity issues (8th lord) affected the native’s family life (2nd lord) and in particular her spouse’s (7th lord) and her child’s (5th lord) lives. From the Chandra Lagna, this yoga involves Lagna lord Saturn, 4th lord Mars, 5th lord Venus, 6th lord Mercury, and 7th lord Moon. This gives the native constant worries and anxieties concerning the health of their child and spouse.

Supreme 6th and 7th level Parivartana

6th and 7th level Parivartana yogas are also technically possible to form in a native chart. Similar analysis can be done for them as well. I have yet to see a chart with these yogas but we can easily conclude two things: the results will have extreme outcomes and can be of good or bad nature. Rahu and Ketu do not own any houses and thus do not get involved into higher order Parivartana yoga. Since there are only 7 planets in Vedic astrology, the highest order a higher order Parivartana yoga can attain is level 7.


In conclusion, higher order Parivartana yoga involves the exchange of multiple house lords in such a way that it creates a closed house exchange loop. This yoga can bring huge impacts into a native’s life and these impacts can either be of a positive or negative nature based on the houses that are getting involved in this yoga. Higher order Parivartana has power up to 7 levels! I hope higher order Parivartana gets used in future research projects and I hope I sparked the reader to think in different perspectives. Please do not stress over any combinations you may see in your own chart. Please seek for proper astrological guidance to clear any doubts. Thank you!

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aagav raj
aagav raj
Dec 11, 2023

i have two pariwartan yoga in chart with virgo asc i.e. one with four planet and other with three planet. 1st pariwartan: 2nd lord venus in 12th H, 12th lord sun in 10th, 10th lord mercuary in 11th, 11th lord moon in 2nd. 2nd pariwartna yoga, 3rd lord mars in 4th, 4th lord jupitor in 6th and 6th lord saturn in 3rd. how do you evalue theexchange of energy?

Replying to

Hi Aagav, Thank you for taking the time to read the article and sharing your question! It's tough to say what result a given partivartana will yeild because there are many possibilities. A full look at the overall chart will give a better idea to assess it. That being said, one thing is certain, you can expect the effect to be significant and related to the houses' involved. The first parivartana you listed could mean that business opportunities will have fluctuating income, more on the positive side but the parivartana ensures losses to occur as 12th lord is involved. The second parivartana you mentionned could mean a variety of things. It could mean for example that your friends/siblings and enemies…

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